1st Edition

Selected Philosophical Papers by Ludwig Edelstein

Edited By

Leonardo Tarán

ISBN 9781138697317
Published July 10, 2018 by Routledge
362 Pages

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Book Description

Ludwig Edelstein (1902-1965) is well-known for his work on the history of anceint medicine and ancient philosophy, and to both of these areas he made contributions of primary importance. This collection, originally published in 1987, makes avaialable Edelstein’s main papers to scholars and students, and includes papers from 1931-1965.

Table of Contents

1. Philosophy – The Pilot of Life Teachers College Record 65 (1964) 2. The Greco-Roman Concept of Scientific Progress ITHACA, Actes du Xeme Congrès International d’Histoire des Sciences 26 VIII-2 IX 1962 3. Motives and Incentives for Science in Antiquity, edited by A. C. Crombie, Scientific Change (1963) 4. The Golden Chain of Homer Studies in Intellectual History (1953) 5. The Relation of Ancient Philosophy to Medicine Bulletin of the History of Medicine 26 (1952) 6. Review of M. Pohlenz, Hippokrates und die Begründung der wissenschaftlichen medizin American Journal of Philosophy 61 (1940) 7. The Function of the Myth in Plato’s Philosophy Journal of the History of Ideas 10 (1949) 8. Platonic Anonymity American Journal of Philology 83 (1962) 9. The Role of Eryximachus in Plato’s Symposium Transactions of the American Philological Association 76 (1945) 10. Randall on Aristotle, A Review Journal of Philosophy 59 (1962) 11. Aristotle and the Concept of Evolution Classical Weekly 37 (1944) 12. Review of W. Jaeger, Diokles von Karystos Die griechische Medizin und die Schule des Aristoteles American Journal of Philology 61 (1940) 13. Review of F. Wehrli, die Schule des Aristoteles, Texte und Kommentar Heft IV: Demetrios von Phaleron Heft V: Straton von Lampsakos Heft VI: Lykon und Ariston von Keos Heft VII: Herakleides Pontikos American Journal of Philology 76 (1955) 14. Reivew of K. Deichgräber, Die griechische Empirikerschule Deutsche Literaturzeitung 24 (1931) 15. Review of M. Pohlenz, die Stoa American Journal of Philology 72 (1951) 16. Review of M. van Straaten, Panétius, sa vie, ses écrits et sa doctrine ave une édition des fragments American Journal of Philology 71 (1950) 17. Reivew of L. Labowsky, Die Ethik des Panaitios American Journal of Philology 59 (1938) 18. The Philosophical System of Posidonius American Journal of Philology 57 (1936) 19. Primum Graius Homo (Lucretius 1. 66) Transactions of the American Philological Association 71 (1940) 20. Reivew of P. Boyancé, Études sur le Songe de Scipion American Journal of Philology 59 (1938) 21. Cicero: De Natura Deorum II Studi Italiani di Filologia Classica n. s. 11 (1934) 22. Review of R. Walzer, Galen on Medical Experience The Philosophical Review 56 (1947) 23. Review of E. O. Wallace, The Notes on Philosophy in the Commentary of Servius on the Eclogues, the Georgics, and the Aeneid of Vergil American Journal of Philology 65 (1944)


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