1st Edition

Selected Political Writings of John Thelwall

    1056 Pages
    by Routledge

    John Thelwall was London Corresponding Society's most prominent orators and was tried for high treason along with Thomas Hardy and John Horne Tooke in 1794. This edition brings together Thelwall's most important political writing ranging from scientific pamphlets and writings on the art of elocution, to political philosophy and journalism.

    Volume I: Early Political Pamphlets and Lectures, 1793-1796 Ode to Science. Recited at the Anniversary Meeting of the Philomathian Society (1791); An Essay towards a Definition of Animal Vitality (1793); King Chaunticlere; or, the Fate of Tyranny (1793); Political Lectures (1794); Fraternity and Unanimity (1795); John Gilpin's Ghost (1795); Prospectus of a Course of Lectures (1796); An Appeal to Popular Opinion (1796). Volume II: Selections from The Tribune, 1795-6 Selected Writings from The Tribune (1795-6) Volume III: Journalism and Selected Writings on Elocution and Oratory, 1797-1809 'The Phenomena of the Wye, During the Winter of 1797-8', Monthly Magazine (1798); 'A Pedestrian Excursion through Several Parts of England and Wales during the Summer of 1797', Monthly Magazine (1799-1801); 'Prefatory Memoir', Monthly Magazine (1802); Elocution and Oratory: General Plan and Outline of Mr. Thelwall's Course of Lectures (1803); 'A Letter to Francis Jeffray [sic], Esq., on Certain Calumnies and Misrepresentations', The Edinburgh Review (1804); Mr Thelwall's Reply (1804). Volume IV: Late Journalism and Writing on Elocution and Oratory, 1810-1832 A Letter to Henry Cline, Esq. (1810); The Vestibule of Eloquence (1810); Results of Experience in Treatment of Cases of Defective Utterance (1814); Selected Writings from the Champion (1819-20); Panoramic Miscellany (1826); 'Funeral of the late Thomas Hardy' (1832).