Selenium Research for Environment and Human Health: Perspectives, Technologies and Advancements : Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Selenium in the Environment and Human Health (ICSEHH 2019), October 27-30, 2019, Yangling, Xi'an, China book cover
1st Edition

Selenium Research for Environment and Human Health: Perspectives, Technologies and Advancements
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Selenium in the Environment and Human Health (ICSEHH 2019), October 27-30, 2019, Yangling, Xi'an, China

ISBN 9781138390140
Published September 27, 2019 by CRC Press
250 Pages

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Book Description

The biological importance of selenium has been firmly established by scientists for its intricate roles in various biochemical and physiological mechanisms related to animal and human health. To evaluate different facets of selenium in today’s complex environment and to provide a worldwide platform for multi-disciplinary selenium researchers, the 6th International Conference on Selenium in the Environment and Human Health was held from 27 to 30 October 2019 in Yangling/Xi’an, China.

This proceedings volume brings together 103 extended abstracts prepared by contributors from academia, industry, and governmental agencies in 18 countries, including some most recent research findings among different selenium research disciplines from cell molecular and plant biology, geochemistry, biofortification, to environmental and health management. Selenium researchers worldwide provide extraordinary new knowledge on selenium in the peer-reviewed texts contained within this book.

Table of Contents

Origin of Se from geological, biochemical, microbial and global cycling

Safe utilization and zoning on selenium-enriched land resources: A case study in Enshi, China
T. Yu, Z.F. Yang, Q.Y. Hou, X.Q. Xia,W.L. Hou, Y.T. Li,W.J. Ma & B.Z. Yan

Comparison of selenium level in different time periods in typical selenium-deficient areas of Shaanxi
X.Y.Wang, H.R. Li & L.S. Yang

Reference materials of selenium-enriched rocks and soils
Z.Y. Bao, L.Y. Yao, F. Tian, Z.Z. Ma & B.L. Fan

Trace elements in pyrite of Se-enriched rocks from Ziyang, Central China
H. Tian, C.H.Wei, L.Y. Yao, Z.Y. Bao, S.Y. Xie & H.Y. Zhang

Soil selenium distributions in dry arable land in Zhongwei, China
M.R. Farooq, X.B. Yin, Z.D. Long, L.X. Yuan, Z.Z. Zhang & X.D. Liu

Selenium fractionation in soil from typical selenium-rich areas in China
B.L. Fan, Z.Y. Bao & L.Y. Yao

Influential factors of soil selenium content and distribution in a Se-rich area ofYichun
N. He, Y.D. Ding, C.Y. Han, Z.G. Zhao & D. Yu

Modelling atmospheric selenium transport and deposition on a global scale
A. Feinberg, A. Stenke, T. Peter & L.H.E.Winkel

Fractionation and distribution of soil selenium and effects of soil properties in Heilongjiang
F.Q. Chi, E.J. Kuang, J.M. Zhang, Q.R. Su, X.L. Chen, Y.W. Zhang &Y.D. Liu

Selenium distribution and speciation in seleniferous soils and controlling factors
H.-B. Qin & J.-M. Zhu

The role of atmospheric deposition in biogeochemical selenium cycling

Volatile organic selenium in atmosphere: A mini review
Q.Q. Chen, X.B. Yin, Z.M.Wang, L.X. Yuan, X.Q. Lu, F. Li & Z.K. Liu

Evaluation standards of selenium-rich soil in Guanzhong in Shaanxi Province
R. Ren, X. Chao, J.P. Chen & F. Yuan

Smart technology drives for Tibetan andYungui plateau selenium-enriched agriculture in China
S.S. Zuo, D.Wu &W.L.Wu

The variation pattern of selenium in geological history in relation to regional variation in topical environment
K.L. Luo & S.X. Zhang


Uptake and accumulation of Se

Unravelling the complex trait of Se hyperaccumulation: Advances in research on potential candidate genes involved
M. Schiavon, Y. Jiang, M. Pilon, L.W. Lima & E.A.H. Pilon-Smits

The genetics of selenium accumulation by plants
P.J. White & K. Neugebauer

Effects of different kinds of hormones on selenium accumulation in rice
Z.H. Dai, Y. Yuan, H.L. Huang, M. Rizwan & S.X. Tu

The relationship between sulfur and selenium in the plant-soil system
X.W. Liu, Z.Q. Zhao & X.F. Deng

Selenium in agriculture soils and its accumulation in crops in southern Jiangxi, China
M.L. Tang, H. Tian, Z.Y. Bao, L.Y. Yao & M. Ma

Studies on adsorption kinetics of selenium by different materials
J.Y. Li, H. Tian, C.H.Wei & Z.Y. Bao

Effects of selenium treatment on sulfur nutrition and metabolism
F.E.M. Santiago, M. Tian, P.F. Boldrin & L. Li

Effect of soil properties and contact time on selenium transfer to wheat
C. Ramkissoon, F. Degryse, M.J. McLaughlin, S.D. Young & E.H. Bailey

Screening and identification of soil selenium-enriched bacteria in Guangxi, China
Q. Liao, Y.X. Liu, Y. Xing, P.X. Liang, L.P. Pan, J.P. Chen & Z.P. Jiang

The effect of soil type on selenium uptake and recovery by a maize crop
A.D.C. Chilimba, S.D. Young & M.R. Broadley

Inoculation ofAM fungi enhanced rhizosphere soil Se bioavailability of winter wheat
J. Li,W.J. Xing,W.Q. Luo & F.Y.Wu

Uptake competition between selenium and sulphur fertilizers in sequential harvests of ryegrass: A stable isotope study
L. Jiang, S.D. Young, E.H. Bailey, M.R. Broadley, N.S. Graham & S.P. McGrath

Effects of soil selenate and selenite on selenium uptake and speciation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
M.Wang, F. Ali & D.L. Liang

Effect of cow manure amendment and root-induced changes on Se fractionation and plant uptake by Indian mustard
Q.T. Dinh, T.A.T. Tran, F. Zhou, H. Zhai & D.L. Liang

Selenium bioaccessibility in selenium-enriched Lentinula edodes
F. Zhou, N.N. Liu, Y. Liu & D.L. Liang

Selenium content in soils and rice from Guangxi, China
H.W. Zang, Z.D. Long, L.X. Yuan, Z.M.Wang, X.B. Yin & Q.Q. Chen

Selenium accumulation and speciation in soils along a climate gradient
J. Tolu, S. Bouchet, S.D. Chékifi, O. Hausheer, O.A. Chadwick, J. Helfenstein, E. Frossard, F. Tamburini & L.H.E.Winkel

Accumulation and distribution of selenium in Brazil nut tree in relation to soil selenium availability
D.A. Castro, J.H.R. Souza, M.F. Moraes, L.Wilson, M.R. Broadley, A.B.B. Tardin, R.M.B. Lima, K.E. Silva & P.J. White

Effect of straw derived DOM on selenite aging in Lou soil and mechanisms
D.Wang,W.X. Yang, M.K.Wang & D.L. Liang

Physiological characteristics of selenate absorption into sunflower leaves
J.Y. Yang, Z.H. Fu, S.N. Liu, M.L. Chen, X.Wang, Q.Z. Sun, Z.Y. Zhao, M.Q. Gao, S.H. Xu, J.F.Wang, Z.X. Sun, H. Li, F.Y. Yu & L.H. Zhang

Physiological characteristics of selenite absorption by soybean leaf blades
J.Y. Yang, Z.H. Fu, S.N. Liu, M.L. Chen, X.Wang, Q.Z. Sun, Z.Y. Zhao, M.Q. Gao, S.H. Xu, J.F.Wang, Z.X. Sun, H. Li, F.Y. Yu & L.H. Zhang



Selenium biofortification: Accomplishments under field-growing conditions
G.B. Bañuelos

Distribution characteristics of selenium in different soybean products during processing
X.F. Deng, Z.Q. Zhao, J.J. Zhou & X.W. Liu

Effects of soil-applied selenium on selenium content of Gala apple fruits
L. Liu, C.Q. Niu, J.T. Liu, L. Quan, Z.M.Wang, L.X. Yuan & Z.K. Liu

Reciprocal effects of soil selenium and nitrogen treatments on concentrations of Se and N in wheat
L. Yang, X.Y. Mao, F.Y. Sun, L. Li &T. Li

Selenium-enriched earthworm: A potential source of selenium supplement for animals
S.Z. Yue &Y.H. Qiao

Selenium biofortification and antioxidant activity in the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps militaris
T. Hu &Y.B. Guo

Agronomic Se biofortification increases Se dietary intake of residents in Keshan disease area on Loess Plateau
D. Huang, D. Yin, R. Yu, H. Liu, J.Wang & Z.Wang

Selenium speciation and content of oat kernels in response to foliar and soil selenium fertilization
J.H. Li, A.N. Guo, Q. Xia, X.J. Dai, Zh.Q. Gao, Z.H.P. Yang & CH.Y.Wang

Selenium-biofortified herbs as antivirals?
G.H. Lyons

Effect of selenium biofortification on yield and quality of sweet potato
H.F. Li, Y.M. Huang, Y.Q. Li, J.F. Hua, T.Y. Chen & C.R.Wu

Selenium biofortification of green tea in Se-rich areas in Guangxi, China
W.X. Jia, Z.M.Wang, L.X. Yuan, X.B. Yin, Z.K. Liu, J.P. Song, P.X. Liang & Z.P. Jiang

Functional agriculture in China: 11 years of research and practices
X.B. Yin, Z.M.Wang, L.X. Yuan, X.Q. Lu, F. Li, Z.K. Liu & Q.Q. Chen

Exploration of Se-rich bioproducts generated from (waste)water as fertilizers
J. Li, L. Otero-Gonzaleza, G. Du Laing, P.N.L. Lens & I. Ferrer

Establishment and optimization of yeast selenium fermentation system
Y.L. Xu, B. He, L. Meng, M. Qi, D.J. Tang & S.Y. Yang

Selenium biofortification of a wheat crop in northeastern Pakistan using 77Se as a tracer
S. Ahmad, S.D. Young, E.H. Bailey, M.J.Watts, M. Arshad & S. Ahmed

Selenium biofortification in grain crops in Brazil
L.R.G. Guilherme, C. Oliveira, A.P. Corguinha, M.A. Silva, G.F. Sousa, F.A. Namorato, P.E. Cipriano, T.S. Lara, J.H. Lessa, G. Lopes & F.A.D. Martins


Effects of Se on plant, animal, and fish health

Impact of selenium application on selenium and phytic acid content in cowpea seeds
V.M. Silva &A.R. Reis

Selenium supplementation to salmon feeds: Speciation, toxic mode of action, and safe limits
M.H.G. Berntssen, P.A. Olsvik, J.D. Rasinger, V. Sele, K. Hamre, R. Ørnsrud, T.K. Sundal, L. Buttle, M. Hillestad & M. Betancor

Selenium protects oilseed rape against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum attack
Q. Cheng, C.X. Hu,W. Jia, J.J. Ming & X.H. Zhao

Selenium negatively regulates Fusarium graminearum growth and mycotoxin production
X.Y. Mao, L. Yang, Y.H. Zhang, T. Li & Q. Hu

Feeding weaned beef calves Se-biofortified alfalfa hay as a preconditioning strategy
J.A. Hall &A. Isaiah

Fed with selenium-enriched wheat: Impact on selenium distribution in rats
X.Q. Lu, Z.S. He, X.B. Yin, Y. Liu, L.X. Yuan, F. Li, L.Q. Qin, X. Jiang & L.X. Gao

Effect of melatonin and selenium on control of postharvest gray mold of tomato fruit
H. Zang, K. Jiang, J. Ma, M. Li, X.B. Yin & L.X. Yuan

The effect of selenate stress on antioxidant enzyme activity of Cardamine iolifolia O.E. Schulz
J.J. Ming, Y.K. Yang, H.Q. Yin, Y. Kang, Y.F. Zhu, F.F. Chen & J.Q. Xiang

Alleviating effects of exogenous nitric oxide donor sodium nitroprusside on selenium toxicity in rice
Z.H. Dai & S.X. Tu

Maternal dietary selenium supply and offspring developmental outcomes
J.S. Caton


Interactions with heavy metals

Effect of selenium on cadmium uptake, translocation and accumulation in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
H.F. Li, Y.N.Wan, Q.Wang &Y. Yu

The interaction between selenium and cadmium in lettuce
J.P. Song, Z.Z. Zhang, Z.D. Long, Z.M.Wang, L.X. Yuan, Q.Q. Chen & X.B. Yin

Detoxification of mercury in soil by selenate and related mechanisms
T.A.T. Tran, Q.T. Dinh, F. Zhou & D.L. Liang

Effects of selenium-zinc interaction on zinc bioavailability of pak choi
M.Y. Xue, M.Wang, F. Zhou, Q.T. Dinh & D.L. Liang

Detoxification of exogenous selenate in cadmium-contaminated soil with pak choi
M.X. Qi, M.K.Wang, Y. Liu, N.N. Liu, Q.T. Dinh & D.L. Liang

Effects of selenate on the uptake and transportation of cadmium in radish (raphanus sativus)
Y. Liu, M.X. Qi, M.K.Wang, N.N. Liu & D.L. Liang

Responses of roots of rice exposed to selenium and cadmium
G. Liao, Y.Wei & M. Gu



The role of selenium and selenoproteins in immunity
P.R. Hoffman

New developments in recombinant selenoprotein production
Q. Cheng & E.S.J. Arnér

Selenium nucleic acids for nuclei acid structure and function studies
V.G. Vandavasi, B. Hu, Y.Q. Chen, Q.W. Zhao, H.H. Liu, J.H. Gan, A. Kovalevsky, L. Hu & Z. Huang

Genomic analysis of selenoproteins and the expression levels in patients with Kashin-Beck disease
R.Q. Zhang, D. Zhang, X.L. Yang, D.D. Zhang, Z.F. Li, B.R. Li, Q. Li, C.Wang, X.N. Yang &Y.M. Xiong

Impact of high dietary selenium on the selenoprotein transcriptome, selenoproteome, and selenometabolites in multiple species
R.A. Sunde

Selenium-mediated epigenetic regulation of selenoprotein expression in colorectal cancer
P. Tsuji

Cellular selenium as the molecular target of electrophiles and pathogens
N.V.C. Ralston & L.J. Raymond

Association of selenium status and selenoprotein genetic variations with cancer risk
D.J. Hughes, V. Fedirko, L. Schomburg, S. Hybsier, C. Méplan & M. Jenab

Molecular biology and pathophysiology of inborn errors of selenoprotein biosynthesis
U. Schweizer


Selenium’s effect on epidemiology, health, injury, and disease

Selenium alleviates oxidative stress in mice fed a serine-deficient diet
X.H. Zhou, Y.H. Liu &Y.L. Yin

Selenium-mediated MAPK signaling pathway regulation in endemic osteoarthritis
X.X. Dai, Y. Dai, X.F.Wang, C. Jian, Y.M. Xiong & N. Li

Selenomethionine attenuates D-galactose-induced cognitive deficits by suppressing oxidative stress and neuroinflammation in aging mouse model
J.J.Wang, X.X. Liu, Z.D. Zhang, Q. Zhang & C.Y.Wei

Daily selenium intake from staple food in the Kaschin-Beck disease endemic areas in Tibet
L.S. Yang, H.R. Li, Z. Chen, H.Q. Gong & M. Guo

Relation of selenium status to neuro-regeneration after traumatic spinal cord injury
R.A. Heller, T. Bock, P. Haubruck, J. Seelig, L. Schomburg, P.A. Grützner, B. Biglari &A. Moghaddam

Anti-inflammatory effect of selenium-enriched Lycopodiastrum casuarinoides and Dendropanax dentiger on rheumatoid arthritis in rats
G. Chen, L. Zeng, Y.-F. Ba &Y.-P. Zou

Study on the mechanism of GPX3 and selenium in Kashin-Beck disease
B.R. Li, Q. Li, D.D. Zhang, X.N. Yang, R.Q. Zhang, D. Zhang, C.Wang, Z.F. Li, X.L. Yang &Y.M. Xiong

The health effects of selenium and selenoprotein in Kashin-Beck disease
Y.M. Xiong, X.L. Yang, C.Wang, X.N. Yang, Q. Li, X.Y.Wang, Y. Jiang, J.F. Liu, X.L. Du, H. Guo & M.J. Ma

Biomarkers of selenium and copper status in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury
J. Seelig, R.A. Heller, J. Hackler, L. Schomburg, A. Moghaddam & B. Biglari

Genomic analysis for functional roles of thioredoxin reductases and their expressions in osteoarthritis
R.Q. Zhang, Q. Li &Y. Liu

Commonly used drugs affect hepatic selenium metabolism
J. Hackler, K. Renko, S. Diezel, Q. Sun,W.B. Minich & L. Schomburg

Autoimmunity to selenoprotein P in thyroid patients
Q. Sun, S. Mehl, C.L. Görlich, J. Hackler,W.B. Minich, K. Renko & L. Schomburg

Impact of dietary diversity on Se intake adequacy in Kenya
P.B. Ngigi, G. Hanley-Cook, C. Lachat, G. Du Laing & P.W. Masinde

Effects of selenium compounds on oxidative stress and apoptosis in HepG-2 cells
Y. Qin, H. Xu, H. Liang, F. Shen, Y.Wei & M. Gu

Innovating animal models of aging: Selenium, frailty index, and mortality in pet dogs with exceptional longevity
D.J.Waters, E. Chaing, C. Suckow, A. Maras, A.-C. Kruger, Q. Sun & L. Schomburg

Selenium content in maize in high oesophageal cancer prevalence counties in Kenya
S.B. Otieno, T.S. Jayne & M. Muyanga

Biomarkers of selenium status
L. Schomburg

A new function of glutathione peroxidase-1 in regulating transcription of regenerating islet-derived protein-2 in pancreatic islets of mice
J.-W. Yun, Z.P. Zhao, X. Yan, M.Z. Vatamaniuk & X.G. Lei


Analytical methodology

Determination of selenium species in black bean protein powder by HPLC and ICP-MS
L. Meng, Y.L. Xu, B. He, M. Qi, Z.R. Xia & D.J. Tang

Selenium speciation in cereals by ultrasonic-assisted enzyme extraction and HPLC-ICP-MS
S.Z. Chen, L.P. Liu, Y. Liu &T.H. Zhou

Analytical methods involve speciation analysis and elemental mapping to describe processes in biogeochemistry: A review
J. Feldmann & E.M. Krupp


Selenium nanoparticles

Biogenic selenium nanoparticles as co-catalysts for enhancing photocatalytic activity of Se-ZnO nanocomposites
A. Vaishnav, R. Prakash, B. Pal, N. Joshi & N. Tejo Prakash

Insights into the surface chemistry of BioSeNPs produced by Bacillus lichenformis
Y.Q. Yuan, R.L. Qiu, J.M. Zhu & C.Q. Liu

Poria cocos polysaccharide decorated selenium nanoparticles attenuate colitis by suppressing hyper inflammation
H. Yang, Y.F. Yang, L.Q. Duan, Q.J. Ling & Z. Huang

Biotransformation and volatilization of nanoscale elemental selenium
J.Wang, F.B. Joseph, R. Uppala & Z.-Q. Lin

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Gary Bañuelos is a Plant/Soil Scientist at the USDA-ARS Water Management Research Unit, Parlier, CA, and adjunct Professor at the University of California and California State University, Fresno. Fascinated by the ability of plants to take up contaminates and still survive, Bañuelos initially focused his research activities on the phytoremediation of soils and waters laden with selenium, boron, and salinity in California. His integrated approach to field phytoremediation eventually led to the new area of naturally producing Se-enriched animal feeds and Se-enriched food products, a new agronomic technology called "biofortification." Dr. Bañuelos is the principal author of over 170 refereed journal and review articles, book chapters, and technical journals on the topic of phytoremediation and Se biofortification. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in German from California State University, Bachelor of Science degree in Crop Science, and Master of Science degree in International Agriculture from California Poly-Technical University. His diploma in Plant Biology was earned at the University of Tubingen, Germany, and Ph.D in Agriculture/Plant Nutrition at Hohenheim University, Germany, as a National Science Foundation Fellow. He currently serves as President of the International Society for Selenium Research.

Dr. Zhi-Qing Lin is Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Department of Biological Sciences at Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville in the United States. Dr. Lin received his BS degree in Environmental Biology from Liaoning University in 1983, MS degree in Pollution Ecology from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1986, and Ph.D. degree in Renewable Resources from McGill University in Canada in 1996. He was Post-doctoral Research Fellow and Post-graduate Researcher on Environmental Biogeochemistry at University of California at Berkeley from 1996 to 2002. His research is related to the biogeochemistry of environmentally important trace elements, with special focus on biological accumulation, transformation, and volatilization processes of selenium in the water-soil-plant system. He has authored or co-authored over 92 peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals, proceedings, and monographs. He currently serves as Treasurer of International Society of Environmental Indicators and is founder member and Treasurer of International Society for Selenium Research.

Dongli Liang is Professor of College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China, and presently serves as Dean of Department of Environmental Science and Engineering. Her main research focuses on the environmental chemistry of soil, while her interests are concentrated on the environmental behaviors and fates and remediation of heavy metals in soil and their harmful effects on human health through the food chain. Since 2006, she has been working on selenium transport and transformation in soil-plant systems and effects on its bioavailability. She has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals. Currently, she is teaching Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Monitoring at Northwest A & F University, and is the lead organizer of the 6th International Selenium in the Environment and Human Health Conference in Xi’an/Yangling, China in 2019.

Xuebin Yin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Director of Advanced Lab for Functional Agriculture, at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Dr. Yin started his research on selenium biogeochemistry, phytoremediation and biofortification with Professor Liguang Sun at USTC in 1998, and continued with Professor Yongming Luo and Professor Qiguo Zhao at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005. His research is related to the biofortification of trace/macro elements (such as, selenium, zinc, calcium, iron, and iodine), with a special emphasis on their biological transformation processes, health issues, and utilization in agriculture and foods. He is the author or co-author of over 50 refereed journal and review articles, proceedings, and book chapters. He has worked six times as chair or co-chair of organizing committee for International Selenium conferences since 2008. Dr. Yin received his Bachelor of Science degree (2000) in Geochemistry, and Ph.D. degree in Environmental Science (2005) from USTC. He currently serves as secretary-general of International Society for Selenium Research.