Discusses the biochemical and geological cycling of selenium (Se), its worldwide distribution, and the factors controlling its fate and transport within and between major environmental media, presenting a global assessment of selenium's complex environmental behaviour. The focus of this work is upon Se management and remediation strategies.

    Global Importance and Global Cycling of Selenium; Selenium Deficiencies and Toxicity; Adsorption, Volatilization, and Speciation of Selenium in Different Types of Soils in China; Kesterson Reservoir - Past, Present, and Future - An Ecological Risk Assessment; Field Investigations of Selenium Speciation, Transformation and Transport in Soils from Kesterson Reservoir and Lahontan Valley; Geologic Origin and Pathways of Mobility of Selenium from the California Coast Ranges to the West-Central San Joaquin Valley; Distribution and Mobility of Selenium in Groundwater in the Western San Joaquin Valley in California; Chemical Oxidation-Reduction Controls on Selenium Mobility in Groundwater Systems; Kinetics of Selenium Uptake and Loss and Seasonal Cycling of Selenium by the Aquatic Microbial Community in the Kesterson Wetlands; Agroforestry Farming System for the Management of Selenium and Salt on Irrigated Farmland; The Algal-Bacterial Selenium Removal System: Mechanisms and Field Study; Accumulation and Colonization of Selenium in Plants Grown in Soils with Elevated Selenium and Salinity; Vegetation Management Strategies for Remediation of Selenium-Contaminated Soils; Selenium Volatilization by Plants; Microbial Volatilization of Selenium from Soils and Sediments; Biochemical Transformations of Selenium in Anoxic Environments; Biochemistry of Selenium Metabolism by Thauera Selenatis gen. nov. sp. nov. and Use of the Organism for Bioremediation of Selenium Oxides in San Joaquin Valley Drainage Water.


    W.T. Frankenberger Jr. University of California , Sally Benson Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California.

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