1st Edition

Self-Inference Processes The Ontario Symposium, Volume 6

Edited By James M. Olson, Mark P. Zanna, C. Peter Herman Copyright 1990
    352 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    352 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Although self-inference processes -- the ways individuals make judgments about themselves -- have been studied in social psychology and sociology for many years, a distinct literature on this topic has not emerged due to the diversity of relevant issues. The editors of this current volume cull recent social psychological research and theory on self-inference processes and identify some of the common themes in this area of study.

    The specific topics covered in this volume include:

    ` how people infer their emotions, personality traits, and body images from relevant information

    * factors influencing the self-concept, identity, and self-standards

    * the impact of self-inferences on interpersonal relations

    * conditions motivating escape from the self

    The book is written for researchers and graduate level students in clinical, social, developmental, health, and personality psychology.

    Contents: G.N. Sande, The Multifaceted Self. J.M. Olson, Self-Inference Processes in Emotion. T.D. Wilson, Self-Persuasion Via Self-Reflection. E.E. Jones, Constrained Behavior and Self-Concept Change. J. Polivy, C.P. Herman, P. Pliner, Perception and Evaluation of Body Image: The Meaning of Body Shape and Size. W. Turnbull, D.T. Miller, C. McFarland, Population- Distinctiveness, Identity, and Bonding. M. Ross, D. Holmberg, Recounting the Past: Gender Differences in the Recall of Events in the History of a Close Relationship. E. Tory Higgins, O. Tykocinski, J. Vookles, Patterns of Self-Beliefs: The Psychological Significance of Relations Among the Actual, Ideal, Ought, Can, and Future Selves. C.D. McCann, The Self and Interpersonal Relations. M.R. Lepper, L.G. Aspinwall, D.L. Mumme, R.W. Chabay, Self-Perception and Social-Perception Processes in Tutoring: Subtle Social Control Strategies of Expert Tutors. R.M. Sorrentino, C.J.R. Roney, Uncertainty Orientation: Individual Differences in the Self-Inference Process. R.F. Baumeister, Anxiety and Deconstruction: On Escaping the Self. J.M. Olson, C.L. Hafer, Self-Inference Processes: Looking Back and Ahead.


    C. Peter Herman, James M. Olson, Mark P. Zanna

    "...their discussion of emerging research issues is well done, and does give the reader some sense that a distinct self-inference literature could develop....researchers interested in information processing, memory, persuasion, and especially self-concept will find new and thought-provoking ideas in several well-written chapters."
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