1st Edition

Self and Sovereignty Individual and Community in South Asian Islam Since 1850

By Ayesha Jalal Copyright 2000

    Self and Sovereignty surveys the role of individual Muslim men and women within India and Pakistan from 1850 through to decolonisation and the partition period.
    Commencing in colonial times, this book explores and interprets the historical processes through which the perception of the Muslim individual and the community of Islam has been reconfigured over time. Self and Sovereignty examines the relationship between Islam and nationalism and the individual, regional, class and cultural differences that have shaped the discourse and politics of Muslim identity. As well as fascinating discussion of political and religious movements, culture and art, this book includes analysis of:
    * press, poetry and politics in late nineteenth century India
    * the politics of language and identity - Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi
    * Muslim identity, cultural differnce and nationalism
    * the Punjab and the politics of Union and Disunion
    * the creation of Pakistan
    Covering a period of immense upheaval and sometimes devastating violence, this work is an important and enlightening insight into the history of Muslims in South Asia.

    Lists of Maps, Preface, List of Abbreviations, 1. The Muslim Self and the Loss of Sovereignty: Individual and Community Before 1858, 2. Forging a Muslim Community: Press, Poetry and Politics in the Late Nineteenth Century, 3. Common Languages, Contested Scripts, Conflicted Communities: Shifting Identities of Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, 4. Muslims as a Legal and Political Category: Subjecthood in Theory and Practice, 5. Identity and Sovereignty in Muslim Consciousness: The Khilafat Crescent and the Indian Charkha, 6. Contested Sovereignty in the Punjab: The Interplay of Formal and Informal Politics, 7. Between Region and Nation: The Missing Centre, 8. At the Crossroads of ‘Pakistan’: Muslim Imaginings and Territorial Sovereignty, 9. Lost Tracks to Unity: Confrontation, Compromise and Civil War, 10. Epilogue An Unhealing Wound: Paradoxes of Muslim Identity, Sovereignty and Citizenship, Glossary, Select Bibliography, Index


    Ayesha Jalal

    'Jalal has produced an outstanding book, which brings a new level of understanding to the recent history of that third of the world's Muslims who live in South Asia.' - Francis Robinson, Asian Affairs February 2002