1st Edition

Selling Electronic Media

By Ed Shane Copyright 1999
    482 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    "Selling is identifying and satisfying customer needs profitably. Profitable for you, profitable for them."
    Diane Sutter, President and CEO of Shooting Star Broadcasting , owner of KTAB-TV, Abilene, Texas

    This is the definition of sales used throughout Ed Shane's comprehensive and timely textbook Selling Electronic Media. This new definition reflects the customer-orientation of today's marketing environment as well as the product-orientation of selling. Today's selling is a win/win proposition, a win for the seller and a win for the customer.

    Using interviews with industry leaders and reports of their selling experiences, Selling Electronic Media shares insight and practical advice in the basics of selling:

    · prospecting
    · qualifying
    · needs analysis
    · presentations
    · answering objections
    · closing
    · relationship management

    Focusing on the merging and converging of electronic media and the need for branding of media at all levels, this highly readable book offers complete coverage of advertising sales for radio, television and cable, plus the new and emerging mass communication technologies, primarily those generated by the Internet.

    Selling Electronic Media is enhanced with review highlights and discussion points and illustrated throughout with visuals used by media outlets to market commercials and their audience reach.

    Students pursuing sales and marketing careers in electronic media and professionals wishing to reinforce their understanding of the merging and converging media environment will find what they need in the pages of this book.

    The selling environment; The selling process; Research and ratings; Sales management; Casting the Net: selling targets; Selling television advertising; Selling cable advertising; Selling radio advertising; The interactive interim; Epilogue; Appendix 1: Selling against newspapers; Appendix 2: "Selling the Proper Media to Reach Your Target Audience" by Nanette Straw; Appendix 3: Sample sales candidate profile from The H.R. Chally Group; Glossary


    Ed Shane

    It's refreshing to have a text written by a broadcast pro who is sensitive to the academic theory needs of the college classroom. Ed has managed to write a very readable text which blankets the subject matter. Thanks! (Michael Taylor, Valdosta State Univ)I teach Radio and Television at the University of Southern Indiana. Your book is thebest sales text I have ever encountered...real world examples, tips,
    concepts, etc. My Senior level sales class is getting the "real story". I
    came to teaching after 10 + years in broadcast sales and management; it's
    nice to have a book I believe in. - J. Wayne Rinks, Ph.D., Program Chair: Radio/Television at the University of Southern Indiana

    "The book provides a broad perspective on media sales while fine-tuning the key methods and principles needed by today's sales professional."
    Dr. Sam Parker, Lipscomb University

    "very comprehensive, great examples"