520 Pages
    by Routledge

    520 Pages
    by Routledge

    Selling Rights has firmly established itself as the leading guide to all aspects of rights sales and co-publications throughout the world. The eighth edition is substantially updated to illustrate the changes in rights in relation to new technologies and legal developments in the UK and the rest of the world.

    This fully revised and updated edition includes:

    • coverage of the full range of potential rights, from English-language territorial rights through to serial rights, permissions, rights for the reading-impaired, translation rights, dramatization and documentary rights, electronic and multimedia rights;

    • more detailed coverage of Open Access;

    • the aftermath of recent reviews and revisions to copyright in the UK and elsewhere;

    • updated coverage of book fairs;

    • a major update of the chapter on audio rights;

    • an updated chapter on collective licensing via reproduction rights organizations;

    • the impact of new electronic hardware (e-readers, tablets, smartphones);

    • the distinction between sales and licences;

    • the rights implications of acquisitions, mergers and disposals;

    • updates on serial rights;

    • new appendices listing countries belonging to the international copyright conventions and absentee countries.

    Selling Rights is an essential reference tool and an accessible and illuminating guide to current and future issues for rights professionals and students of publishing.

    1. Rights: the historical and legal background
    2. The publishing contract: who should control the rights?
    3. An expanding range of possibilities
    4. The rationale behind rights sales
    5. Selling rights: who and how?
    6. Tackling the task: essentials
    7. Rights selling: a range of methods
    8. Book fairs and sales trips: preparation, survival and follow-up
    9. English-language territorial rights: co-editions and licences
    10. Book club rights
    11. Paperback rights
    12. Low-price reprint rights
    13. Other reprint rights
    14. Serial rights and one-shot periodical rights
    15. Digest and condensation rights
    16. Translation rights: co-editions and licences
    17. Anthology and quotation rights
    18. Rights for the reading-impaired
    19. Non-dramatized reading rights
    20. Audio-recording and video-recording rights
    21. Dramatization and documentary rights: stage, radio, television and film rights
    22. Merchandising rights
    23. Collective licensing
    24. The internet and publishing
    25. Electronic publishing and digital licensing
    26. Supply of duplicate production material to licensees


    Lynette Owen OBE is a freelance specialist in copyright, rights and licensing issues and a consultant on the promotion and sale of rights in print and digital environments. She is the general editor of, and a contributor to, Clark’s Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents (10th edition, 2017). She was previously Copyright Director of Pearson Education and has also worked for Cambridge University Press, Pitman Publishing and Marshall Cavendish. She has chaired the Publishers Association Rights Group and is also a member of the International Publishers Association Copyright Committee.

    Praise for the eighth edition:

    Lynette’s newly revised Selling Rights is a convenient and accessible handbook that answers just about every conceivable question about the subject. This bible of information is now in its eighth edition from Routledge, and whether you work in trade, academic or specialist publishing, it is the next best thing to having Lynette on hand to help you.

    - Caroline de la Bedoyere for IPG

    Praise for the seventh edition:

    The combination of a clear, detailed technical approach together with helpful practical advice makes this book indispensable to everyone working in or interested in the field of rights, be they a publishing student, someone at the start of a career in rights or a seasoned professional. Elegantly written, practical, definitive - I have found each edition of Selling Rights to be essential reading.

    - Andrea Joyce for BookBrunch

    Selling Rights remains the bible for UK rights practitioners. Even those who have well-thumbed copies of every previous edition on their shelf will find much of interest and plenty of Owen's straightforward and practical advice.

    - Clare Hodder for Logos

    For young publishers and anyone interested in the publishing industry as it undergoes a rapid period of transformation, [Selling Rights] can be read for information from cover to cover, giving great pleasure, like a history book or a novel ... Do you want to know what Mark Twain thought about copyright? Bone up on the Google Library Project? Discover the terms of the NESLi licence? Pinpoint your exact rights as a co-edition publisher? This is the book for you.

    - Linda Bennett for The Publishers Association

    This book offers comprehensive guidance on all aspects of rights and licensing, from what might be considered the traditional ... through to digital licensing of content ... There is simply no other book on the market that deals with the subject in so detailed a way ... Lynette Owen's Selling Rights continues to be the definitive reference for all those involved in the licensing of copyrights, in whatever type and format the potential licensee requires.

    - Sue Mattingley for Learned Publishing

    Almost every established rights seller in the publishing industry will have a copy of Owen’s Selling Rights close at hand, and for good reason. Even in day-to-day selling, and with many years of experience, one will still need to refer to the book when it comes to confirmation of understanding, selling an uncommon right type, or embarking to a yet unvisited book fair. For students of publishing and new entrants to the industry, it clearly and concisely explains copyright law, publishing contracts, and the importance of rights revenue to the publishing world and unveils the mystery that often cloaks the selling of subsidiary rights. -Amy Joyner, Rights & Licensing Director, Kogan Page