1st Edition

Semantics Critical Concepts in Linguistics

    2616 Pages
    by Routledge

    Semantics is a key concept in linguistic theory, concerning the analysis and description of the meaning of linguistic expressions. This collection contains a selection of the most important contributions to semantic theory ranging from Gottlob Frege's essay On Sense and Reference written in 1892, to present-day thinkers in the field. The collection is structured around three major themes.

    Volume I: Foundational Issues
    Truth and Denotation
    Semantics and Grammar
    Volume II:
    Generalized Quantifiers and Scope
    Volume III: Noun Phrase Classes
    Indefiniteness and Definiteness
    Plurals and Mass Nouns
    Volume IV: The Semantics of Predicates and Inflection
    Part A: Events, Aspect and Thematic Roles
    Tense and Modality
    Volume V: Operators and Sentence Types
    Part A: Adjectives, Degrees and Comparatives
    Part B: Negation and Negative Polarity Items
    Part C: Questions
    Volume VI: Discourse and Dynamics
    Part A: Topic and Focus
    Part B: Pronouns and Anaphora
    Part C: The Semantics / Pragmatics Interface