1st Edition

Semantics of Programming Languages and Model Theory

By Manfred Droste, Yuri Gurevich Copyright 1993
    416 Pages
    by CRC Press

    A conference on Semantics of Programming Languages and Model Theory was held at the International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science, SchloB Dägstuhl, during June 23-29, 1991. Participants from 10 countries represented a wide range of interests on the subject where the interaction of different fields is so fruitful. In particular, methods from algebra, logic and order theory were used for the solution of problems from denotational semantics and domain theory; this was reflected in some talks. Several other talks treated topics ranging from functional programming languages and database models to linear logic, boolean algebras and model theory. A number of lectures dealt with the quickly developing area of evolving algebras and in particular with evolving algebra semantics of PROLOG and its relatives. This volume contains papers presented at the conference and a few others submitted by colleagues unable to attend.

    Preface, A formal specification of PARLOG, The meaning of specifications 11: Set-theoretic specification, Petri nets and automata with concurrency relations: An adjunction, Concurrent automata, prime event structures and universal domains, Synthesis of nondeterministic asynchronous automata, A cartesian closed category of parallel algorithms between Scott-domains, Observable modules and power domain constructions, The Smyth-completion of a quasi-uniform space, What is a state of a system? (An outline), Current trends in the semantics of data flow, Computing the canonical representation of a finite lattice, A theory of unary pairfunctions, A lattice interpretation of database dependencies, Semantics in an extended entity-relationship model, Index


    Manfred Droste Universitiit Gesamthochschule, Essen Germany and Yuri Gurevich University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.