1st Edition

Semiconductor Materials

By Lev I. Berger Copyright 1996

    Semiconductor Materials presents physico-chemical, electronic, electrical, elastic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, and other properties of a vast group of elemental, binary, and ternary inorganic semiconductors and their solid solutions. It also discusses the properties of organic semiconductors. Descriptions are given of the most commonly used semiconductor devices-charge-coupled devices, field-effect transistors, unijunction transistors, thyristors, Zener and avalanche diodes, and photodiodes and lasers. The current trend of transitioning from silicon technology to gallium arsenide technology in field-effect-based electronic devices is a special feature that is also covered.
    More than 300 figures and 100 tables highlight discussions in the text, and more than 2,000 references guide you to further sources on specific topics. Semiconductor Materials is a relatively compact book containing vast information on semiconductor material properties. Readers can compare results of the property measurements that have been reported by different authors and critically compare the data using the reference information contained in the book.
    Engineers who design and improve semiconductor devices, researchers in physics and chemistry, and students of materials science and electronics will find this a valuable guide.

    Semiconductor Materials: Definition, History, Systematization
    Introduction to Semiconductor Physics
    Chemical Bonds in Semiconductor Crystals
    Electrical Conductivity in Semiconductors
    Thermoelectric Phenomena in Semiconductors
    Recombination of Electrons and Holes
    Photoconductivity and Photo-emf
    Phenomena at the Interface of n-Type and p-Type Semiconductors
    Brief Description of the Methods of Evaluation of the Basic Properties of Semiconductors
    Electrical Conductivity, Hall Effect, Nernst Effect
    Generation/Recombination Parameters
    Thermal and Thermoelectric Measurements
    Elemental Semiconductors
    Gray Tin
    Chemical Interaction Between the Elemental Semiconductors: Solid Solutions and Compounds
    Silicon-Tin and Germanium-Tin
    Binary IV-VI and III-V Semiconductors
    IVb-IVb Compound-Silicon Carbide
    IIIb-Vb Compounds
    Crystal Structure
    Boron Nitride
    Boron Phosphide
    Boron Arsenide
    Aluminum Nitride
    Aluminum Phosphide
    Aluminum Arsenide
    Aluminum Antimonide
    Gallium Nitride
    Gallium Phosphide
    Gallium Arsenide
    Gallium Antimonide
    Indium Nitride
    Indium Phosphide
    Indium Arsenide
    Indium Antimonide
    Binary II-VI and I-VII Tetrahedral Semiconductors
    Binary II-VI Compounds
    Zinc Oxide
    Zinc Sulfide
    Zinc Selenide
    Zinc Telluride
    Cadmium Sulfide
    Cadmium Selenide
    Cadmium Telluride
    Mercury Sulfide
    Mercury Selenide
    Mercury Telluride
    Ternary Adamantine Semiconductors
    Ternary Analogs of the III-V Adamantine Semiconductors
    The II-IV-V2 Compounds (Ternary Pnictides)
    The I-IV2-V3 Compounds
    Ternary Analogs of II-VI Adamantine Semiconductors
    I-III-VI2 Compounds
    I2-IV-VI3 Compounds
    I3-V-VI4 Compounds
    Defect Adamantine Semiconductors
    IV3-V4 Compounds
    III2-VI3 Compounds
    Defect Ternary Compounds
    III2-IV-VI Compounds
    Non-Adamantine Semiconductors and Variable-Composition Semiconductor Phases
    IA-IB Semiconductors
    Semiconductors in the I-V Binary Systems
    IA-VB Compounds
    (IA)3-VB Compounds
    I-VI Compounds
    Copper and Silver Oxides
    Copper and Silver Chalcogenides
    II2-IV Compounds with Antifluoride Structure
    IV-VI Galenite Type Compounds
    V2-VI3 Compounds
    Binary Compounds of the Group VIIIA Elements
    Semiconductor Solid Solutions
    Alloys of Elemental Semiconductors
    III-V/III-V Semiconductor Alloys
    II-VI/II-VI Solid Solutions
    Solid Solutions of II-VI and III-V Compounds
    Organic Semiconductors
    Semiconductor Devices
    p-n Junction and Schottky Barrier
    p-n Junction
    p-n Junction Diode
    Metal-Semiconductor Rectifying Contact. Schottky Barrier Diode
    Ohmic Contact
    p-n-Junction and Schottky-Barrier Two-Electrode Devices
    Varistors and Varactors
    Zener and Avalanche Diodes
    Tunnel Diode
    Photodiode (Solar Cell)
    Unijunction Transistor
    Multiterminal (Multibarrier) Devices
    Bipolar Devices
    Unipolar Devices


    Lev I. Berger