1st Edition

Semiconductor Transport

By David Ferry Copyright 2000

    The information revolution would have been radically different, or impossible, without the use of the materials known generically as semiconductors. The properties of these materials, particularly the potential for doping with impurities to create transistors and diodes and controlling the local potential by gates, are essential for microelectronics.
    Semiconductor Transport is an introductory text on electron transport in semiconductor materials and is written for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. The book provides a thorough treatment of modern approaches to the transport properties of semiconductors and their calculation. It also introduces those aspects of solid state physics, which are vitally important for understanding transport in them.

    Introduction 1. Semiconductors are Not Metals 2. The Boltzman Equation and the Relaxation Time Approximation 3. Inelastic Scattering and Non-equilibrium Transport 4. Topics in High Field Transport 5. Optical Properties 6. The Electron-Electron Interaction 7. References 8. Problems 9. Index