1st Edition

Sensitive Periods in Development interdisciplinary Perspectives

Edited By M. H. Bornstein Copyright 1987
    308 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1987. Contemporary psychology is increasingly diversified, pluralistic, and specialized, and most psychologists venture beyond the confines of their substantive specialty only rarely. Yet psychologists with different specialties encounter similar problems, ask similar questions, and share similar concerns. Unfortunately, there are very few arenas available for the expression or exploration of what is common across psychological subdisciplines. The Crosscurrents in Contemporary Psychology series is intended to serve as such a forum. The chief aim of this series is to provide integrated perspectives on supradisciplinary themes in psychology. Despite its contemporary diversity and high degree of specialization, psychology embraces many phenomena that are of interest across subdisciplines largely because of the generality and ubiquity of those phenomena. The sensitive period is one. Sensitivity to different kinds of experience varies over the life cycle of an organism.

    Preface PART I: SENSITIVE PERIODS IN DEVELOPMENT: INTERDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES 1. Sensitive Periods in Development: Definition, Existence, Utility, and Meaning 2. Developmental Changes in Sensitivity to Experience PART II: SENSITIVE PERIODS IN INFRAHUMAN PSYCHOBIOLOGY AND HUMAN NEUROPSYCHOLOGY 3. Perceptual Development and Experience-Dependent Changes in Cat Visual Cortex 4. Critical Events During Sensitive Periods of Social Development in Rats 5. Imprinting and the Critical Period for Social Attachments: Some Laboratory Investigations 6. Neural Insult and Critical Period Concepts 7. Crucial Period Effect in Psychoendocrinology: Two Syndromes, Abuse Dwarfism and Female (CVAH) Hermaphroditis PART III: SENSITIVE PERIODS IN HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY 8. Is There a “Sensitive Period” in Human Mental Development? 9. Relevance of the Notion of a Critical Period to Language Acquisition 10. Critical Periods in Psychoanalytic Theories of Personality Development 11. Mother-Infant Bonding as a Critical Period 12. Critical Periods in Processes of Social Organization


    Marc H. Bornstein New York University

    "In sum, Marc Bornstein and most of his collaborators have succeeded admirably in training their respective disciplinary lenses on the topic of sensitive periods in development and deepening our insight into this important topic of developmental analysis and theory."
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