1st Edition

Sensors and Actuators

By D.A. Hall Copyright 1999

    This book contains the proceedings of a conference held at the Manchester Business School on 15-16 July 1996. It covers the topics of fundamental materials studies and the design and fabrication of prototype devices, and represents a cross section of the UK activity in sensors and actuators.

    1. Distributed PVDF Sensors for Active Structural Acoustic Control 2. Distributed PVDF Sensors for a Vibrating Beam 3. Strain Measurement with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Resonators 4. Design of 'Smart' Structures to Minimise Stresses Induced by Embedded Fibre Sensors 5. Sputter-Deposited Zinc Oxide Thin Films for SAW Strain Sensors 6. Defect Detection in Rods using PZT Sensors 7. How to Choose an Actuation Mechanism in a Microengineered Device 8. High Power LIGA Wobble Motor with Integrated Synchronous Control 9. Active Vibration Control using Thin ZnO Films 10. The Principle and Operation of a Resonant Silicon Gyroscope 11. P–N and Schottky Junction Cantilever Actuators 12. A Linearised Electrostatic Actuator 13. Magnetostrictive Materials and Devices 14. Materials Science in ER Fluids and Devices 15. Electric Field Strength, Temperature and Frequency Dependency of the Dynamic Properties of an Electro-Rheological Fluid 16. Strategic Issues for the Commercial Success of Shape Memory Actuator Products 17. Applications of Mechanical Amplifiers in Piezoelectric Actuators 18. Piezoelectric Multi-Layer Actuators - Design and Applications 19. An Investigation into the Optimum Design of a Piezo-Actuator 20. Macrocomposite Transducers 21. Transmission Electron Microscopy of the Antiferroelectric - Ferroelectric Phase Boundary in PbZrO3-Based Compounds 22. Acquisition and Analysis of Polarisation-Field Data for Ferroelectrics 23. Ageing Characteristics of BaTiO3 Based Piezoceramics 24. Ageing and Field-Forced Deageing Behaviour of Hard PZT Ceramics


    D.A. Hall