1st Edition

Sensuous Geographies Body, Sense and Place

By Paul Rodaway Copyright 1994
    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    The contemporary challenge of postmodernity draws our attention to the nature of reality and the ways in which experience is constructed.
    Sensuous Geographies explores our immediate sensuous experience of the world. Touch, smell, hearing and sight - the four senses chiefly relevant to geographical experience - both receive and structure information. The process is mediated by historical, cultural and technological factors.
    Issues of definition are illustrated through a variety of sensuous geographies. Focusing on postmodern concerns with representation, the book brings insights from individual perceptions and cultural observations to an analysis of the senses, challenging us to reconsider the role of the sensuous as not merely the physical basis of understanding but as an integral part of the cultural definition of geographical knowledge.

    Part 1 Sense and Geography; Chapter 1 Sensuous Geography; Chapter 2 Perception Theory and the Senses; Chapter 3 The Character of Sense; Part 2 Sense, Space, Place; Chapter 4 Haptic Geographies; Chapter 5 Olfactory Geographies; Chapter 6 Auditory Geographies; Chapter 7 Visual Geographies; Part 3 Sense and Reality; Chapter 8 Sensuous Geography and Transformation; Chapter 9 Images, Themes and Postmodern Geographies; Chapter 10 Sense and Hyper-Reality;


    Rodaway, Paul