1st Edition

Sentient Relics Museums and Cinematic Affect

By Janice Baker Copyright 2017
    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    152 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Sentient Relics explores museums through cinema and challenges the dominant focus of museum theory as an inclusion–exclusion debate. The author responds to the Enlightenment, ‘rational’ museum of reason contrasting this with the museum of affect and reveals these ‘two museums’ operating alongside one another in a productive paradox. In structuralist-orientated museum theory the affective realm is often subsumed within the imperatives of Marxist theory and practice, identity politics, semiology and psychoanalysis. Sentient Relics, while valuing the insights of ideologically focused meaning-making, turns to the capacity of the affective realm of experience to transform the passive subject and object relation. The author uses museum encounters and cinematic affect to engage with problems of difference, temporality, emotion and the sublime. In so doing the book advances research in museum studies by demonstrating what is at stake in pragmatically working toward a deeper understanding of the museum socially, culturally and philosophically.




    1 Museum Trouble: Complicating the ‘new’ inclusion

    Reading the gallery in silent film

    The inclusion dilemma

    A difficult heritage

    The ‘new’ museology

    Demanding objects

    Museum ‘blockbusters’

    2 Fissures and Cracks: Unfettering identity from the ‘new’ inclusion

    Object autopoeisis

    ‘The crack’

    Institutional autotelicity and rhizomatic objects

    Re-invigorating the fetish

    Actually, virtually becoming-animal

    Curiously resistant

    3 Outcasting Oedipus: The autonomy of affecting experience

    The sublime as a discourse of loss

    Ekstasis: From Longinus to Lyotard

    What about the body!

    Affectus: One unfolding substance

    Cultural objects and the transmission of affect

    The duality of affect

    4 Show Time! Psychoanalysing the museum to death

    Ghostbusters: Green slime and a dangerous portrait

    Viewing pleasures: Phantasy or lines of flight

    The Topkapi imaginary: The museum as phallic (m)other

    Night at the Museum: The museum as object a

    Horror museums: Beyond abjection

    Post Lacan: Restoring affect to cinema

    5 Dangerous Identity: Museums in Vertigo and the ‘truth’ of false objects

    The mental-image: Inside the deceived self

    The abyss or the power of eternal return

    Signs of time: Escaping dusty semiology

    The fatal spiral: Identity and obsession

    6 Museums and cinematic time

    Mischievous dream worlds: musicals in the gallery

    Moving stillness: A thinking cinema

    Marking time in La Jetée

    Night and Fog: Difficult heritage and the time-image

    Russian Ark: In any moment

    The storm we call progress





    Janice Baker is a lecturer in the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.

    Sentient Relics is an astonishing book: a veritable crystalline artifact endlessly refracting countless impressions. Not only does every phenomenon she considers, whether cinematic or museological, foreground the theatricalities of affect, but Baker makes extraordinarily clear exactly why Plato was right about why mimetic artistry of any kind is deeply dangerous to the souls of citizens: precisely because it calls attention to the artifice, fabricatedness, and contingency of what any hegemonic power projects, promotes, and enforces as social, cultural or theological truth.

    - Donald Preziosi, Professor Emeritus, UCLA, USA