1st Edition

Serials Cataloging at the Turn of the Century

By James W Williams, Jeanne M Boydston Copyright 1997

    An overview of the research topics and trends that have appeared over the last five years, Serials Cataloging at the Turn of the Century doesn’t just tell you that there has been a lot of change--that the information environment is something of a chameleon, always beguiling and slipping out of grasp. Instead, it gives you the plain facts on the specific challenges serials catalogers have been facing and how they’re meeting adversity head-on, ready to gain the advantage in the rumble with proliferating information and formats.

    Comprehensive, resource-packed, and easy-to-digest, Serials Cataloging at the Turn of the Century examines how developments in automation and national standards have broadened the role of the serials cataloger, how an integrated format can lessen the problem with duplicate records in computerized bibliographic utilities, and how CONSER has utilized new technology to facilitate access to serials information. It gives you strategies and cautions that will be useful to your cataloging unit as it prepares for an electronic resources cataloging venture, advice on how to develop an electronic communications network, and important information on:

    • accessing bibliographic information in European online catalogs
    • practical issues and concerns surrounding the cataloging of Internet materials
    • the need for a comprehensive guidebook for cataloging serials that are published in all types of audiovisual formats
    • Canada’s largest information systems management outsourcing company
    • the multiple-version problem of serials
    • nontraditional resources for bibliographic information
    • the consolidation of the CONSER program and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging
    • making the technological infrastructure of a business successful at cataloging and processing items
    • changes in a serial unit’s work flow when a library migrates to an integrated library system

      Whether you want information on workstation-based cataloging tools, staffing an outsourcing company, ISSN Sweden, resources on AACR2 serials cataloging, or the bibliographic control of serials in special libraries, Serials Cataloging at the Turn of the Century has it all! In fact, it sorts out all the information--neatly and precisely--so that you won’t have to bumble along in confusion, wondering how to navigate through the sea of information, cataloging programs and techniques, and user formats.

    Contents Introduction
    • Serials Cataloging, 1991–1996: A Review
    • The Demand for Serials Catalogers: An Analysis of Job Advertisements, 1980–1995
    • A Select Survey of AACR2 Tools for Serials Cataloging
    • Creating a Library Technical Services Outsourcing Operation
    • CONSER on the Internet: Facilitating Access to Serials Information
    • The CONSER/PCC Evolution
    • Taking the Good with the Bad: How Migration to an Integrated Library System Can Affect Serials Work Flow
    • Cataloging Electronic Resources: Practical Issues and Concerns
    • Address Included! On the Importance of Including Addresses of Publishers in the Norper Database
    • The Use of the ISSN/Key Title in Sweden
    • The Changing Face of Bibliographic Access: Looking at European Catalogs
    • Bibliographic Control of Serials in the Special Library
    • Multiple Versions Revisited
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Williams, James W; Boydston, Jeanne M