370 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    Discover new methods for simplifying the serials management process in today’s electronic era

    The dawn of the new millennium changed the field of information sciences forever as librarians and researchers alike were barraged with many new concepts and technologies, creating chaos and confusion. Serials in the Park is a breath of fresh air as expert speakers and consultants from the 18th Annual NASIG Conference (2003, Portland, Oregon) focus on the most significant trends and innovations for you and your patrons to use. From the Information Resource Matrix and serials aggregation to digital preservation and fund allocations, this important resource will help you successfully navigate the best path through unfamiliar territory.

    With Serials in the Park, you’ll have a tangible source to turn to about several noteworthy issues, such as:

    • the rules, principles, and terminology underlying serials cataloging
    • the state of mergers in the serials publishing industry from the viewpoints of a librarian, a vendor, and a publisher
    • the CONSER recommended aggregator-neutral record for electronic serials cataloging
    • the integration of new library systems and how it affects copyright law
    • the barriers and challenges facing clients with disabilities when using electronic resources
    • developing, writing, and using written procedures manuals for technical services
    • the current state of print repositories
    Along with presentations and workshops presented at the conference, this handy tool includes the hottest topics and the latest reports from reliable sources. With this book, you’ll also receive vital, practical advice on networking, cross-campus partnerships, training and education, and strategies for dealing with the transition from print to digital despite budget constraints. By showing you how to avoid pitfalls and dead ends, Serials in the Park helps you will improve efficiency, reduce the workload in public services, and enhance services to the users.

    • Introduction (Patricia Sheldahl French and Richard Worthing)
    • President’s Greeting at the Opening Banquet (Eleanor Cook)
    • The “Seventy Percent Solution”: Assessing Criteria for Model Fund Allocations (Claudia Weston, Cyril Oberlander, Mary Ellen Kenreich, Don Frank, and Sarah Beasley, Presenters; Marcella Lesher, Recorder)
    • Cataloging Survival for Non-Catalogers, or You Thought You Would Never Need to Catalog Again (Karen Darling, Presenter; Siôn Romaine, Recorder)
    • Content Industry Outlook 2003: Asteroids That Are Changing the Information Landscape (Leigh Watson Healy, Presenter; Reeta Sinha, Recorder)
    • Town Hall Meeting (Christa Easton, Facilitator; Jerry R. Brown, Recorder)
    • There Is No Forest, We’re Only Hugging the Trees: Nontraditional Ways of Acquiring, Providing Access to, and Managing Serials (Jill Emery, Rick Anderson, Adam Chesler, Joan Conger, and Ted Fons, Presenters; Debra Skinner, Recorder)
    • The Information Resource Matrix: A Revolutionary Method to Present Relationships Among Online Serial Objects (Carol Casey, Mark Jacobs, and Lihong Zhu, Presenters)
    • Serials Aggregations, Multiple Versions, and the Virtual Union Catalog: The California Digital Library Catalog, SUNY, and Ex Libris Experiences (Michael Kaplan, Presenter)
    • Finding a Better Trail Through the Journals Forest (Timothy Gatti and Heather S. Miller, Presenters)
    • Expose Yourself to Electronic Journals (Jill Emery, Claire Ginn, and Dan Tonkery, Presenters; Kevin Petsche, Recorder)
    • The Digital Preservation Conundrum, Part 1 (Abby Smith, Presenter)
    • The Digital Preservation Conundrum, Part 2: Preservation and Electronic-Archiving (Eileen Gifford Fenton, Presenter)
    • How Electronic Journals Are Changing Patterns of Use (Peter Boyce, Donald W. King, Carol Montgomery, and Carol Tenopir, Presenters)
    • Usage Statistics: Taking E-Metrics to the Next Level (Oliver Pesch, Presenter)
    • Seeing the Forest and the Trees When Developing a New Acquisitions System (Shelley Neville, Presenter)
    • From Tiny Acorns to Great Oaks: Taking a Nationwide Approach to Library Cooperation (Pauline La Rooy, Presenter)
    • Helping Manage the E-Journal Forest: Do You Need an Agent Any More? Part 1 (Philip Wallas, Presenter)
    • Helping Manage the E-Journal Forest: Do You Need an Agent Any More? Part 2 (Stephen Bosch, Presenter)
    • Hot Topics (Keith Courtney, Miriam Gilbert, Michael Markwith, and Kim Maxwell, Presenters; Jerry R. Brown, Recorder)
    • Case Studies in Electronic Serials Cataloging, or What Am I Supposed to Do With This? (Steve Shadle, Workshop Leader; Holley R. Lange, Recorder)
    • Branching Out: The Importance of Networking in a Library Landscape (Jeff Slagell, Workshop Leader; Mykie Howard, Recorder)
    • Web-Based Trails for Cross-Campus Partnerships (Sharon Elteto and Maggie McVay-Lynch, Workshop Leaders; Elizabeth Parang, Recorder)
    • From Catalogers to Ontologists: Changing Roles and Opportunities for Technical Services Librarians (Nathan Rupp, Workshop Leader; David Burke, Recorder)
    • Copyright Law: Fact or Fiction? (Janice M. Krueger, Workshop Leader; Karen Matthews, Recorder)
    • Electronic Content: Is It Accessible to Clients with “Differabilities”? (Cheryl Riley, Workshop Leader)
    • Planning for New Growth in the Forest: Cultivating New Serialists for the Future (Selden Durgom Lamoureux, Workshop Leader; Susan Davis, Recorder)
    • When the Rug Comes Out from Under: Managing Change, Technology, Information, and Staff (Althea Aschmann, Workshop Leader; Gail Julian, Recorder)
    • Tools for Tenure Trailblazing: Planning Productive Paths for Green Serialists (Claire Dygert a


    French, Patricia S.; Worthing, Richard L.