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This textbook series is aimed at the modern physics curriculum, presenting teaching and learning resources at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels. It covers all areas of physics in which computation is now an integral component as well as new, cross-disciplinary topics of modern computational sciences. The presentation is concise and practical, often including solved problems and examples. Among subject areas addressed are condensed matter physics, materials science, particle physics, mathematical methods of computational physics, quantum mechanics, plasma physics, fluid dynamics, statistical physics, optics, and biophysics. These books highlight the importance of numerical methods and computational tools, giving essential foundational materials for students and instructors in the physical sciences as well as academic and industry professionals in physics, engineering, computer science, applied math, and biology.

New books in the series are commissioned by invitation. Authors are also welcome to contact the Series Editors (Dr. Steven Gottlieb: [email protected]; Dr. Rubin Landau: [email protected]) or publisher (Carolina Antunes, Physics Editor: [email protected]) to discuss new title ideas.

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Computational Problems for Physics With Guided Solutions Using Python

Computational Problems for Physics: With Guided Solutions Using Python

1st Edition

By Rubin H. Landau, Manuel José Páez
June 08, 2018

Our future scientists and professionals must be conversant in computational techniques. In order to facilitate integration of computer methods into existing physics courses, this textbook offers a large number of worked examples and problems with fully guided solutions in Python as well as other ...

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