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Series in Nano-Optics and Nanophotonics

About the Series

This series focuses on the sister fields of nano-optics, which concerns the properties of light and interactions of light and matter at deeply subwavelength scales, and nanophotonics, which covers photon generation, detection, and manipulation using nanomaterials. It addresses the full range of modern approaches, from computer modeling and simulation to scanning optical microscopy, surface plasmon optics, and so on. Volumes in this series are targeted to researchers and practitioners, and aim to present both fundamentals and cutting edge developments in the field.

New books in the series are commissioned by invitation. Authors are also welcome to contact the publisher (Carolina Antunes, [email protected]) to discuss new title ideas.

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Tutorials in Metamaterials

Tutorials in Metamaterials

1st Edition

Edited By Mikhail A. Noginov, Viktor A. Podolskiy
October 25, 2011

From science fiction to science laboratories Discover the State of the Art in Photonic Metamaterials Metamaterials—composite media with unusual optical properties—have revolutionized the landscape of optical science and engineering over the past decades. Metamaterials have transformed ...

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