Series on Assessment and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Behavior Disorders

Evidence based interventions in child and adolescent therapy require that the clinician is able to demonstrate the skills necessary for implementing the treatment, understand the research evidence supporting the intervention, and relate how the disorder or behavior problem impacts youth. In partnership with the Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Florida International University, Taylor & Francis offers a series of DVD courses on a wide range of disorders and behavior problems that a clinician or school counselor is likely to encounter in her or his practice. Each course is led by a distinguished specialist teaching in a class setting that allows for give and take dialogue between instructor and student. Case illustrations, role play, treatment sessions, and research examples are featured in the courses. Courses are of varying lengths from 3 to 6 hours in accordance with the topic under review. The Series designed to bring professionals who serve troubled youth and their families up-to-date assessment and treatment strategies.