436 Pages
    by Routledge

    436 Pages
    by Routledge

    This text introduces readers to the unique culture of military families, their resilience, and the challenges of military life. Personal stories from nearly 70 active duty, reservists, veterans, and their families from all branches and ranks of the military bring their experiences to life. A review of the latest research, theories, policies, and programs better prepares readers for understanding and working with military families. Objectives, key terms, tables, figures, summaries, and exercises, including web based exercises, serve as a chapter review. The book concludes with a glossary. Readers learn about diverse careers within which they can make important differences for families. 

    Engaging vignettes are featured throughout:

    Voices from the Frontline offer personal accounts of issues faced by actual program leaders, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, service members, veterans, and their families.

    Spotlight on Research highlights the latest studies on dealing with combat related issues.

    Best Practices review the optimal strategies used in the field.

    Tips from the Frontline offer suggestions from experienced personnel.

    Updated throughout including the latest demographic data, the new edition also features:

    -New chapter (9) on women service members that addresses the accomplishments and challenges faced by this population including sexual bias and assault, and combat-related psychological disorders.

    - New chapter (10) on veterans and families looks at veterans by era (e.g.WW2), each era’s signature issues and how those impact programs and policies, and challenges veterans may face such as employment, education, and mental and physical health issues.

    -Two new more comprehensive and cohesive chapters (11 & 12) review military and civilian programs, policies, and organizations that support military and veteran families.

    -Additional information on TBI and PTSD, the deployment cycle, stress and resilience, the possible negative effects of military life on families, same-sex couples and their children, and the recent increase in suicides in the military.

    -More applied cases and exercises that focus on providing services to military families. 

    Intended as a text for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses on military families or as a supplement for courses on the family, marriage and family, stress and coping, or family systems taught in family science, human development, clinical or counseling psychology, sociology, social work, and nursing, this book also appeals to helping professionals who work with military and veteran families.

    Foreword 1. An Introduction to Military Culture and Military Families  2. An Overview of Military Personnel and Their Families  3. Defining Features of Military Family Life  4. Children and Youth in Military Families  5. Ways of Thinking About Family Stress and Resilience  6. Individual and Family Development in the Military  7. The Effects of War on Service Members  8. The Effects of War on Families  9. Women in the Military and Women Veterans  10. Veterans and Families  11. Policies and Programs that Support Military Families  12. Civilian Organizations that Support Military Families  13. Involving Families in Systems and Strategies of Care  14. Serving Military Families


    Karen Blaisure is a Professor at Western Michigan University where she teaches a course on Family Life and the Military.

    Tara Saathoff-Wells is a Research & Evaluation Scientist for the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at The Pennsylvania State University.

    Angela Pereira is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a consultant and educator on psychological health and military life issues.

    Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth is Professor of Human Development and Family Studies and Director of the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University.

    Amy Dombro is a writer who develops resources for teachers, family support professionals, and community leaders to assist military and veteran families and children.

    "Serving Military Families is an engaging, dynamic and useful resource.  This must-read book is brimming with relevant research, policies, theories and programs pertaining to the current and former members of the United States Military and their families." Rachel Dekel, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

    "The authors offer a synthesis of cutting-edge research, policy, and programs focused on improving the lives of Military families. Chapters include an acute sensitivity to diverse military families while simultaneously attending to the policies and programs that are essential across the lifespan. This text is a must-read for anyone who works with Military families in order to ensure that we best serve those who serve our nation." Angela L. Lamson, East Carolina University, USA

    "Four million military and veteran-connected youth are, in reality, individual stories. Parents and youth serving professionals will find this outstanding resource provides insights and ideas that integrate personal perspectives and scholarship into responsive pathways." Mary M. Keller, Military Child Education Coalition, USA

    "Anyone working, or wishing to work with the military would benefit from this book. ... I will … continue to use it as a supplemental text. It should be in every social work school’s library. … The ... changes are good and timely, especially expansion on veterans and women service members, and same sex couples."Josephine Pryce, University of Alabama, USA

    "The "personal reflections" provide a deeper understanding that allows the reader to begin to experience the magnitude of stressors individuals and families deal with on a daily basis. ... The authors write clearly. ... Audiences ... Masters [and] … bachelor programs in social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy ... I would consider adopting this book." Nancy Anderson, Warner University, USA

    "I really like the … personal stories and examples. … This book could be used as a textbook for undergraduate or graduate courses ... [and] for professionals who will begin work with military families and need to get up to speed quickly. … I ... use [it] in my graduate course. … It makes a nice base for a course. …. It would be particularly good to use for an undergraduate course." Heidi Radunovich, University of Florida, USA

    "[This book helps] ... to prepare social workers to serve veterans and their families. It offers ... information on specific policies and practices of the military, benefits and services to veterans and integrates empirical research on the types and frequency of problems seen along with identifying those individuals and families most at risk. ...The proposed revisions will strengthen the contributions already made by … this book." Karen Allen, Arkansas State University, USA

    "The book provides a fantastic resource for academics and practitioners, with its conceptual and theoretical underpinning, together with case studies that provide invaluable insights into an often forgotten population. ... [It] ... is an essential read for researchers and practitioners engaging with individuals from the military services. The book provides a good introduction to military culture and family life and then embarks on the challenges faced by the population." Ross Wadey, University of Roehampton, UK