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    Are you a beaver cleaver or the office bike? Would you rather pack fudge or munch carpet? Do you content yourself with paddling the pickle as you’re still a cherry boy?

    Sex Slang will not only give you 3,000 words to talk about your favourite pastimes, but also open your eyes to practices you didn’t even know existed.

    All words are illustrated by a reference from a variety of sources to prove their existence. This naughty book will give you a spectacular sexual vocabulary from all over the English speaking world, as well as hours of reading pleasure.

    Acknowledgments  Preface  0-9 Slang  A-Z Slang  Thematic boxes: Penis  Erect penis  Flaccid penis  Testicles  Semen  Vagina  Labia  Vulva  Pubic hair  Clitoris  Breasts   Nipple and nipples  Buttocks  Anus/rectum  Promiscuous person  Masturbation  Orgasm  Oral sex  Group sex, sex with multiple partners  Anal sex  S&M words  Prostitute  Male prostitute  Prostitute's customer  Pimp  Brothel  Sexually transmitted infections


    Tom Dalzell is a lawyer who moonlights in an extremely serious way as a slang collector and author. Terry Victor is not only a slang collector but also an actor, broadcaster, writer and director.

    "Acknowledging that some of these words may offend, slang collectors Dalzell (US) and Victor (Wales) present some 3,000 words drawn from their New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (2005). Entries on terms from "anal" to "zooms" feature the UK spelling except for foreign and pidgin words, a concise definition, country of origin, and dated citation. Highlighted boxes feature synonyms and related terms for selected words. Offensive perhaps, but certainly educational!" -- Book News Inc., August 2008