1st Edition

Sex Workers As Virtual Boyfriends

By Joseph Itiel Copyright 2002
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    Beyond lust, create companionship with your sex workers!

    Many more men are willing to buy sex than to admit the fact. Joseph Itiel is not only willing to admit it--he has the courage and style to create “virtual” relationships with hustlers. These ongoing professional relationships are a step beyond cold, anonymous sex for sale. Though the economic basis remains the same--an open exchange of cash for sex--the association is also honest, affectionate, and sexually fulfilling. He explains how you can do the same in Sex Workers as Virtual Boyfriends, a companion volume to his best-selling A Consumer's Guide to Male Hustlers (Haworth 1998).

    From his own experience, stretching over four decades and many nations, the author suggests ways to transform the relationship between a client and his escort from a crass commercial transaction to a true camaraderie. Sex Workers as Virtual Boyfriends also offers an intimate glimpse into the gay lifestyle in San Francisco and around the world before the AIDS epidemic and in these days of safer sex.

    Sex Workers as Virtual Boyfriends presents practical tips and real-life vignettes, including:

    • an experiment to help you decide if you could be a sex worker (See if you measure up!)
    • an appendix containing a comprehensive list of sex workers advertising on the World Wide Web
    • seven guidelines for friendly relations with your escort
    • a guide to the etiquette of negotiable affection
    Sex Workers as Virtual Boyfriends is shocking, sexy, literate, and fun. It also can help you find the affection you want--at a price you can afford.

    • Preface
    • Acknowledgments
    • Prologue. Would I Make a Good Sex Worker?
    • Chapter 1. Do Sex Workers Hustle and Are Their Johns Clients?
    • Chapter 2. Agencies, the Internet, and Advance Bookings
    • Chapter 3. Tarred by the Straight Brush
    • Chapter 4. The New Professionalism—Does It Benefit Clients?
    • Chapter 5. Ass to Ass: The Tantra Massage
    • Chapter 6. Sex-Plus Relationships
    • Chapter 7. Playing Prisoner of War
    • Chapter 8. “I Used to Be Joseph's Little Prostitute”
    • Chapter 9. Defaulting to Sex Work
    • Chapter 10. Sugar Daddies and Their Ungrateful Sons
    • Chapter 11. Sex Work for Better Self-Esteem
    • Chapter 12. “Mature” Sex Workers
    • Chapter 13. Seven Guidelines
    • Appendix: Sex Workers' Web Sites
    • Notes
    • Index
    • Reference Note Included


    Joseph Itiel