1st Edition

Sexual Adjustment in Marriage

By Henry Olsen Copyright 1954

    In the 1950s sexual instruction was still a considerable problem despite the very great freedom of discussion that was common. The high level of so-called sexual neurosis among women, the problems of sexual compatibility and birth control, and the spread of venereal disease all bore witness to the need for responsible information.

    Originally published in 1954, Dr Henry Olsen, in this comprehensive survey of the problems of sexual adjustment, draws fully from a very wide and thoroughly grounded experience. Since 1937, he had been closely connected with the instruction in sexual hygiene in Denmark, where the majority of public schools and high schools included it as part of the syllabus. Of the 1,232 public libraries at the time all but three had copies of his Textbook on Sexual Hygiene.

    Sexual Adjustment in Marriage is admirably clear in style and arrangement. It is divided into subjects of particular importance such as The Sex Organs; Living Together; Disturbances in a Couple’s Sex Life; Sex Life of the Unmarried; Fertilization, Pregnancy and Childbirth; Sexual Abnormalities; Diseases of Sex Life. Each of the sixteen main sections is divided into chapters, within which every topic discussed is numbered. Reference to any part of the book is thus extremely simple.

    Knowledge alone cannot prevent all disasters in the difficult field of sexual life. But this book aimed to give all that one needed for a basic understanding of the elementary laws – from the genes and chromosomes of one’s own make-up to the sex education of one’s children. Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

    This book is a re-issue originally published in 1954. The language used and views portrayed are a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication.

    Preface.  Part 1: The Human Organism  1. The Living Being  2. Glands and Sex Life  Part 2: The Sex Organs  3. The Male Sex Organs  4. The Female Sex Organs  Part 3: Hormones and the Sexual Functions  5. The Hormones  6. Puberty  7. Male Sex Characteristics  8. Female Sex Characteristics  9. Menstruation  10. Menopause  Part 4: Sexual Need or Sex Urge  11. The Need of the Organism  12. Different Conceptions of Sex Need  13. Passive Sex Need  14. Active Sex Need  15. Sex Need in Woman  Part 5: Living Together  16. Sexual Need and Sexual Intercourse  17. The Allurement  18. Love Play  19. Sexual Intercourse, Coitus  Part 6: Hygiene of the Couple’s Sex Life  20. Body Care in Sex Relations  21. Hygiene of Sexual Living Together  Part 7: Disturbances in a Couple’s Sex Life  22. What are the Causes of Disturbance in a Couple’s Sex Life?  23. Impotence  24. Too Early Ejaculation  25. About the Satisfaction of Woman  26. Frigidity  27. Genital Spasms – Vaginism  28. Displeasure at Intercourse (Dyspareunia)  29. Hatred and Jealousy  Part 8: Marriage  30. Choice of a Marriage Partner  31. Marriage and Sex Life  32. Different Forms of Marriage  33. Origin of Marriage  34. Early Married Life  35. Marriage in Practice  Part 9: Sex Life of the Unmarried  36. Young People Before Marriage  37. The Unmarried Young Man  38. The Unmarried Young Woman  39. Those Who Never Marry  40. Nonmarital Sex Relations  Part 10: Fertilization, Pregnancy, Childbirth  41. Procreation  42. Heredity  43. Fertilization  44. Pregnancy  45. Symptoms of Pregnancy  46. Hygiene During Pregnancy  47. Childbirth  48. The Lying-In Period  Part 11: Interruption of Pregnancy  49. Abortions and Miscarriages  50. Miscarriages  51. Induced Abortions  Part 12: Regulation of Fertilization  52. Problems of Fertility  53. Pseudo Sterility  54. Sterility  55. Contraception  Part 13: Masturbation  56. Masturbation, Self-Gratification  Part 14: Sexual Abnormalities  57. Hormone-Conditioned Abnormalities  58. Abnormal Sex Life  Part 15: Diseases of Sex Life  59. Venereal Diseases  60. Gonorrhea  61. Syphilis  62. Venereal Ulcers  63. The Fourth Venereal Disease  64. Nonvenereal Diseases of the Sexual Organs  Part 16: Sexual Education  65. Teaching Children About Sex  66. Sex Education of Adults  67. Significance of Sexual Education.


    Henry Olsen