Sexual Aggression : Issues In Etiology, Assessment And Treatment book cover
1st Edition

Sexual Aggression
Issues In Etiology, Assessment And Treatment

ISBN 9780203782309
Published February 1, 2013 by Taylor & Francis
250 Pages

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Book Description

Rape is an increasingly serious social problem; the causes of which are poorly understood and preventative measures are, to date, ineffective. This book provides the reader with theory and research on rapists including adolescents, college students and criminals. Chapters discuss biological, psychological and social causes of rape and investigate recently developed clinical methods which provide hope for decreasing and preventing rape.; Whilst the empowerment of victims and potential victims of sexual aggression is critically important, there is no other type of aggressive sexual act in which the victim is so routinely blamed. This volume serves to shift the emphasis away from victim responsibility and so assist in the understanding, treatment and prevention of sexually active behaviour. lt provides a broad insight into family, cultural and evolutionary influences affecting rapists and details comprehensive Approaches To Treatment Which Take In Motivational Variables And Allow for follow up.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Conceptualizing Sexual Aggression: Progress and Future Needs, Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, Richard Hirschman; Part I Etiology and Assessment; Chapter 2 Introduction: Etiology and Assessment, Lori L. Oliver, Karen Chambers; Chapter 3 Rape as a Biosocial Phenomenon, Lee Ellis; Chapter 4 Age of Onset of Sexual Assault: Criminal and Life History Correlates, Robert A. Prentky, Raymond A. Knight; Chapter 5 Predicting Men's Antisocial Behavior Against Women: the Interaction Model of Sexual Aggression, Neil M. Malamuth, Christopher L. Heavey, Daniel Linz; Chapter 6 Role of Male Sexual Arousal During Rape in Various Rapist Subtypes, Howard E. Barbaree, Ralph C. Serin; Chapter 7 Use of a New Laboratory Methodology to Conceptualize Sexual Aggression, Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, Richard Hirschman; Part II Treatment; Chapter 8 Introduction: Treatment of Sexual Aggression, Lori Boone Wills; Chapter 9 A Revised Approach to the Treatment of Men Who Sexually Assault Adult Females, W. L. Marshall; Chapter 10 Treatment of Rapists: Reinterpretation of Early Outcome Data and Exploratory Constructs to Enhance Therapeutic Efficacy, William D. Pithers; Chapter 11 Findings and Recommendations From California's Experimental Treatment Program, Janice K. Marques, David M. Day, Craig Nelson, Mary Ann West; Chapter 12 Juveniles Who Commit Sexual Offenses: a Critical Review of Research, Judith V. Becker, Cathi D. Harris, Bruce D. Sales; Chapter 13 Conclusion: Complementary Approaches to Sexual Aggression, Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, Richard Hirschman, Andrea Fox Boardman, Denise D. Shondrick, Kathleen P. Stafford, Victoria Codispoti, Gerald Heinbaugh, Steven Neuhaus, David Krenrick;

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