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Sexual Predators Amongst Us

By Ronald A. Rufo

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294 pages

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It is imperative that educators, parents, and potential victims be aware of sexual predators, the danger they pose in our society, and the resources available to help prevent this growing epidemic. Written from a police perspective, Sexual Predators Amongst Us examines the problem of sexual predation, how the Internet has contributed to its growth, and how we can protect children and the general public from these offenders.

The book begins by identifying traits and characteristics associated with sexual predation and explaining how the predator "grooms" his victims by gaining their trust. Chapters cover a range of topics related to sexual predation, including child abuse, incest, pedophilia in the clergy, sex trafficking, female sex offenders, and child pornography. The author explains how the Internet through social networking sites provides ample opportunities for sexual predators to entice their victims. He examines rehabilitation issues, describes legislation that has been passed in response to various tragic cases, and discusses sex offender registration.

Maintaining a user-friendly style, the book follows a consistent format, with each chapter containing:

  • Quotes from actual victims and predators
  • Key words associated with the chapter material and their definitions
  • In My Opinion segments, where experts in the fields of health, psychology, law, government, criminal justice, and academia voice their honest and objective opinions regarding sexual predators
  • Profiles of male and female sex offenders to help readers identify common traits

The book concludes with recommendations to parents for keeping children safe from online predators. Thought-provoking and direct, it is suitable as a university text as well as a reference for police academies, parents, and schools conducting awareness training courses.

Table of Contents

Characteristics of a Sexual Predator

Sexual Predators—What Are We Dealing With?

Causes of Sexual Violence

Characteristics and Patterns

Cognitive Behavioral Theories

The Social Bond Theory

Profile of a Female Sexual Offender

Profile of a Male Sexual Offender

In My Opinion: Dr. Laura Barrow

Grooming the Victim


Progression of Behavior for Grooming a Victim

Children Not Coming Forward

Parental/Predator Abuse and Emotional Blackmail and Guilt

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Ms. Maryanne Leach

Child Abuse and Incest

Child Abuse

Sexual Abuse of a Child

A Female Victim’s Perspective on Sexual Abuse

A Male Victim’s Perspective on Sexual Abuse

Terms Related to Sexual Abuse


Sexual Violence

Stockholm Syndrome

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Dr. Elena Azaola

Pedophilia and Sex Offenses

Pedophilia and Pedophiles


Sexual Perversion

Clergy, Pedophilia, and Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

Sexual Addiction

Behaviors Associated with Sexual Addiction

Sex Rings

Prostituted Children

Interstate Sex Trafficking

Child-Sex Tourism

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Mrs. Barbara Dorris

Female Sexual Offenders

Characteristics of Female Sex Offenders

Mothers Who Abuse Their Children

A Female Abuser Dominated by a Male Partner

A Female Abuser Who Holds a Position of Authority

A Female Abuser Who Is Curious and a Risk Taker

Females Who Abuse Family Members and Relatives

Female Sex Offenders and Major Components in Their Abuse

Key Examples of Risk Factors for Women

Key Examples of Risk Factors for Adolescent Girls


Treatment for Female Sex Offenders

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Dr. Erin Basalay

Child Pornography

Child Erotica

Child Pornography and Victimization

Law Enforcement and Child Pornography

Child Pornography Laws

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Mr. Daniel T. Coyne

The Internet and Sexual Predators

Display of an Internet Chat Room Conversation

The Internet and Sexual Predators

Online Child Enticement

Online Behavior

Risks of the Internet

Perceptions of Internet Safety

Triple A Theory

Internet Addiction Symptoms

Internet Enabled and Sexual Behaviors (IESBs)

Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging

Media Information and Newsgroups

Popular Websites





The Internet and Schools

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Ms. Anne Collier

Law Enforcement on the Internet

Law Enforcement Involvement in Investigating Internet Crimes

DNA Evidence

Police Reports

The Entrapment Defense

Computer Evidence and the Fourth Amendment

Dateline NBC

Perverted Justice


The Legal Impossibility Defense

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Dr. Frank Schmalleger

Incarceration, Recidivism, and Rehabilitation




Chemical Castration

Surgical Castration

Sex Offender Treatment Programs

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Mr. Mike Sullivan

Tragic Stories That Resulted in Landmark Legislation

The Jacob Wetterling Story

The Jessica Lunsford Story

The Megan Kanka Story

The Adam Walsh Story

The Dru Sjodin Story

The Pam Lychner Story

Chelsea King’s Story

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Ms. Kimberly Hart

Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws

Earlier Issues with Sex Offenders

Registered Sex Offenders

Civil Commitment

Notification Laws: Do They Protect the Public or Invade Privacy?

Homeless Sex Offenders

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion: Father Tony Pizzo

Specific and Significant Laws Regarding Sex


Walter Mondale Child Abuse and Treatment Act

Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation Act 1977

Child Abuse Victims Act of 1986

Victims of Child Abuse 1990

Child Online Protection Act and the Children’s Internet Protection Act

Sex Crimes against Children Prevention Act of 1995

Communication Decency Act (CDA) of 1996

Telecommunications Act 1996

The Child Pornography Prevention Act (CPPA)

The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) 1998

Protection of Children from Sexual Predators Act of 1998

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000

Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to End the

Exploitation of Children Today (PROTECT) Act of 2003

Children Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2005

PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008

Keep the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2008 (KIDS)

Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

Effective Child Pornography Prosecution Act of 2008

First Amendment Rights

Fourth Amendment Rights

Eighth Amendment Rights

Internet Dating Safety Act

Profile of a Female Sex Offender

Profile of a Male Sex Offender

In My Opinion

From an Illinois Assistant State’s Attorney

Internet Safety and Education

Authoritative Parents


Behavior outside the Home

Computer in a Common Area

Computer Lingo

Educated and Computer-Savvy Parents

Law Enforcement on Internet Safety

Limit Time on the Computer

Meeting a Predator in Real Life

Open Communication


Predators on the Internet: Hiding Their Identity

Sexual Predator as a Friend

Safe Childhood Program

Secrets and Secret Relationships

A Child’s Self-Confidence

Sexual Advances on the Internet

Sharing e-Mail Accounts

Sharing Personal Information

Strangers on the Internet

Websites: Reporting

What Kids Do Online

Firewalls, Antivirus Software, and Privacy Filters

Safe Internet Sites

Definitions of Terms



About the Author

Ron Rufo has been a Chicago police officer for the past 17 years. He has spent most of his career as a crime prevention speaker with the Preventive Programs unit and has given hundreds of presentations in Internet safety, street safety, and workplace violence. Dr. Rufo has taught many classes in police procedures and policies and has been instrumental as a team leader in the Chicago Police Department Peer Support Group. Dr. Rufo has received numerous awards, commendations, honorable mentions, and letters of appreciation in serving the citizens of Chicago. He was awarded his master of arts degree in organizational leadership from Lewis University in 2002 and graduated with his doctoral degree in organizational leadership from Argosy University, Atlanta, Georgia, in 2007. His dissertation title was "An Investigation of Online Predation of Minors by Convicted Male Offenders." He has also contributed to the book Terrorism and Property Management.

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