1st Edition

Sexualities, Transnationalism, and Globalisation New Perspectives

    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    This innovative book explores the dynamic and contested interactions – including the mutually constitutive relationships – among sexualities, transnationalism, and globalisation.

    Bringing together contributors with a variety of disciplinary, geographic, and theoretical perspectives, this text explores new theories and trends in sexuality research, including lived experiences of sexuality in this rapidly globalising world; changing relationships between sexualities, transnationalism, and globalisation; interventions, activism, and policy responses to the global challenges of sexual health; and relevant reflections on and implications for equity and social justice in the ongoing processes of contemporary globalisation. It is comprised of three sections, focusing on: transnational sexualities; transnational sexual politics; and transnational sexual activism.

    Sexualities, Transnationalism, and Globalisation will be of interest to students and scholars from a range of disciplines and fields, including sociology, sexuality studies, anthropology, geography, international relations, politics, and public health.

    Chapter 1- Introduction

    Yanqiu Rachel Zhou, Donald Goellnicht, and Christina Sinding

    Part I: Transnational Sexualities: Migration, Diasporic Spaces and Sexual Citizenship

    Chapter 2- Sexuality and borders: differential movements of queer migrants within the borderland

    Verena Hucke

    Chapter 3- ‘You can reject me; I can also reject you’: intersections of migration, race/ethnicity and sexuality among Chinese diasporic gay men in Australia

    Horas TH Wong, Limin Mao, and Peter Aggleton

    Chapter 4- Transnational sexuality: trajectories of Chinese queer immigrants to Canada

    Yanqiu Rachel Zhou

    Part II: Transnational sexual politics: global markets, gender and geopolitics

    Chapter 5- Constrained transnational mobility: Filipina sex workers’ navigation of gendered border regimes in Asia

    Maria Cecilia Hwang

    Chapter 6- (Un)seeing the other(s): transnational sex work, transnational athletic sponsorship, and multifocalisation in Han Ong’s The Disinherited

    Stephen Hong Sohn

    Chapter 7- The transnationalisation of online sexual violation: the case of ‘revenge pornography’ as a theoretical and political problematic

    Jeff Hearn and Matthew Hall

    Chapter 8- Beyond queer liberalism: on queer globalities and regionalism from postcolonial Hong Kong

    Alvin K. Wong

    Part III: Transnational sexual activism: global queer movements, local experiences and resistances

    Chapter 9- ‘United in diversity’: resonances of the ‘global gay’ in EU identity discourses

    Laura Eigenmann

    Chapter 10- Casa Miga: a case of LGBT-led, transnational sexual activism in Latin America

    Tyler Valiquette, Yuriko Cowper-Smith and Yvonne Su

    Chapter 11- Progressive LGBTQI movements in a transnational context: toward a queer liberation perspective

    Nick J. Mulé

    Chapter 12- Heteroactivism: transnational resistances to LGBT equalities

    Catherine J. Nash and Kath Browne


    Yanqiu Rachel Zhou is a professor in the Department of Health, Aging and Society and the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition (IGHC) at McMaster University, Canada. She has published over forty scholarly articles and is the co-editor of two books (published by Routledge, 2016 and 2017) and a special issue on Time and Globalization of the journal Globalizations, 2016. She was the lead editor of a themed symposium on Transnationalism, Sexuality, and HIV Risk (published in Culture, Health & Sexuality, 2017).

    Christina Sinding is a professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, jointly appointed to the School of Social Work and the Department of Health, Aging and Society. Her research focuses on the social structuring of lay people’s experiences of illness and care and their health-related decision making.

    Donald Goellnicht (1953–2019) was a professor in the Department of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University, Canada. He was formerly Chair of the Department, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, and Director of the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition at McMaster. He made lasting contributions to critical race studies, diaspora/transnational studies, and queer studies – and, with this collection, brought these themes into important and lively dialogue.