2nd Edition

Shades of Deviance A Primer on Crime, Deviance and Social Harm

Edited By Rowland Atkinson, Tammy Ayres Copyright 2023
    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    Shades of Deviance is a turbo-driven guide to crime and deviance. It offers politically engaged, thought-provoking and accessibly written accounts of a wide range of socially and legally prohibited acts. This updated and revised edition is designed to be essential reading for general readers, undergraduate students in the fields of criminology and sociology, and those preparing to embark on degree courses in these fields.

    Written by field-leading experts from across the globe and designed for those who want a clear and exciting introduction to the complex areas of crime and deviance, this book provides short overviews of a wide range of social problems, harms and criminal acts, offering a series of cutting-edge and critical treatments of issues such as war and terrorism, incels and the alt-right, ecocide, trolling, hate crime and chemsex. A guide is also given to further readings and films to develop the reader’s understanding of these issues. This new edition has been fully revised and extended, with new entries on robot sex, protest, child soldiers, online abuse, cybercrime, drug trafficking, gangs and weapon use.

    Shades of Deviance encourages readers to critically reconsider their ideas about what is right and wrong, about what is socially harmful and which problems we should focus our attention on. It offers careful analysis and reasoned explanation of complex issues in a world in which sensationalist headlines, anxiety and fear about crime permeate our lives. Read it to be prepared for some of the key debates shaping the world to come.

    Part I: Acts of transgression
    1 Crime Is Not Just for Criminologists Rowland Atkinson and Tammy Ayres
    2 Begging  Sabina Yasmin Rahman
    3 Yarn Bombing Alyce McGovern
    4 Spitting  Ross Coomber
    5 Street Racing and Joyriding Yunis Alam
    6 Sex work Molly Dunn
    7 Sadomasochism Thomas Weinberg
    8 Public Sex Katharine Parker

    Part II: Subcultures and deviating social codes
    9 Drugs, Substances and Intoxicants Tammy Ayres
    10 Tattooing and Body Modification Kyla Bevin and James Treadwell
    11 Incel Masculinity Sam Andrews and Anthony Ellis
    12 Music and Subculture Victor Avila Torres
    13 Chemsex Ford Hickson
    14 Weapon Use Nicolas Florquin and Peter Squires
    15 Graffiti Robert Weide
    16 Parkour and Freerunning Thomas Raymen
    17 Organised Fighting Sports Victoria E. Collins

    Part III: Changing technologies and harms
    18 Online Fraud Kate Tudor
    19 Hacking and Hacktivism Kevin Steinmetz
    20 Lifestyle Medicines and Performance Enhancing Drugs Nick Gibbs
    21 Robot Sex Corina Medley
    22 Trolling and Online Aabuse Emma A. Jane
    23 Video Games Craig Kelly and Adam Lynes
    24 Voyeurism and Trash Streaming Grace Gallacher

    Part IV: Social change and social problems
    25 Domestic Violence and Abuse Jade Levell
    26 Tourism Oliver Smith
    27 Debt Mark Horsley
    28 Sexual Deviance Katie McBride
    29 Gambling Suzanne Baggs
    30 Paedophilia Maggie Wykes
    31 Pornography Samantha Keene
    32 Stalking Laura Logan
    33 Maritime Piracy Patricia Schneider
    34 Drug Trafficking Zulia Orozco Reynoso

    Part V: Invisible and contested harms
    35 Corporate Crime Mark Monaghan
    36 Corruption Marina Zaloznaya
    37 State Crime and Violence Diogo Lyra, Carolina Grillo, Renato Dirk and Daniel Hirata
    38 Tax Evasion Rowland Atkinson
    39 Elder Abuse and Neglect Marie Beaulieu, Julien Cadieux Genesse and Kevin St-Martin
    40 Fraud Jörg Wiegratz
    41 Police Deviance Bill McClanahan
    42 Consumption Rowland Atkinson

    Part VI: Hate, difference and culture
    43 Gypsy Roma and Travellers Haley Read
    44 Squatting Samuel Burgum
    45 Hate Crime Tina G. Patel
    46 Policing Politics and Protest Aidan O'Sullivan
    47 Alt-Right Tanner Mirrlees

    Part VII: Questions of violence
    48 Homicide Gabriel Feltran and Marcelli Cipriani
    49 Terrorism Jacob Holzer
    50 Animal Abuse Ruth McKie
    51 School Violence Valeria Cristina de Oliveira
    52 Child soldiers Tammy Ayres

    Part VIII: Harms in a global context
    53 Ecocide Rob White
    54 Environmental Activism Olivia Hasler
    55 Gangs Dennis Rodgers
    56 Human Trafficking and People Smuggling Daniel Briggs
    57 Green Criminology Daan Van Uhm
    58 International Migration Mark Bushell
    59 Slavery, Webcams and Human Trafficking Rosemary Broad
    60 Urban Conflict Luana Motta
    61 Waste Avi Brisman


    Rowland Atkinson is Professor and Research Chair in Inclusive Societies at the University of Sheffield, UK. He is the co-author of Urban Criminology (Routledge, 2019).

    Tammy Ayres is Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of Leicester.

    As with the first edition of this remarkable and indispensable book, this thoroughly revised second version pushes readers to broaden the way they think about deviance and social harm in modern societies—and to recognize the connections between the behaviors that often trouble us the most and the increasingly precarious and neglectful character of the contemporary global social order.

    Professor Elliott Currie, University of California, Irvine, USA

    A collection of fascinating insights into acts of deviance so wide and varied that conformity appears to an increasingly rare commodity. However, as the chapters in this volume attest, even as we become more diverse we are ever more policed. A book for our times.

    Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford

    Shades of Deviance is a thought-provoking collection bringing together short essays on a vast range of issues that are viewed in contemporary society as ‘deviant’, ‘harmful’, or ‘criminal’. Questioning the value of mainstream approaches which prioritise a focus on state defined problematic behaviours, this second edition collection includes 60 entries with new topics and authors covering low level issues such as yarnbombing to the more serious —such as terrorism and child soldiers. Written in a thoroughly engaging and accessible manner, this introductory text is a must read for all criminology students. 

    Professor Christina Pantazis, University of Bristol

    Questions of deviance lie at the heart of criminological inquiry. The breadth and sociological curiosity that informs this book make it both a useful and highly enjoyable introduction to the topic. It will be a useful companion to students of criminology and several other social science disciplines. In fact, it creates a real danger that it will convert the latter into the former. 

    Professor Katja Franko, University of Oslo