1st Edition

Shakespeare and Tourism

Edited By Robert Ormsby, Valerie Clayman Pye Copyright 2023
    328 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    328 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Shakespeare and Tourism provides a dialogical mapping of Shakespeare studies and touristic theory through a collection of essays by scholars on a wide range of material.

    This volume examines how Shakespeare tourism has evolved since its inception, and how the phenomenon has been influenced and redefined by performance studies, the prevalence of the World Wide Web, developments in technology, and the globalization of Shakespearean performance. Current scholarship recognizes Shakespearean tourism as a thriving international industry, the result of centuries of efforts to attribute meanings associated with the playwright’s biography and literary prestige to sites for artistic pilgrimage and the consumption of cultural heritage.

    Through bringing Shakespeare and tourism studies into more explicit contact, this collection provides readers with a broad base for comparisons across time and location, and thereby encourages a thorough reconsideration of how we understand both fields.

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    Part 1 - The History of Shakespeare Tourism

    Chapter 1: "Memorials and the things of fame": Matter, Imagination, and the Early Modern Theatrical Souvenir 
    Jennifer Holl, Rhode Island College

    Chapter 2: Forgotten Shakespeare Shottery: The Shakespeare Tavern and Nineteenth-Century Tourism"
    Katherine Scheil, University of Minnesota

    Part 2 - Shakespeare and Cultural Tourism

    Chapter 3: "Less we forget…": The Blackfriars, Error, and Necropolitan Tourism
    Paul Menzer and David Meldman, Mary Baldwin University

    Chapter 4: Home of Shakespeare: A History of Cultural Heritage Engagement at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
    Nick Walton and Darren Freebury-Jones, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

    Chapter 5: All the World’s Many Stages: Shakespeare, Tourism, and Theater
    Parmita Kapadia, Northern Kentucky University

    Part 3 - Shakespearean Tourism and the ‘Other’

    Chapter 6: "I am here as a tourist": On Being a Tourist-spectator
    Stephen Purcell, University of Warwick

    Chapter 7: Globeish: The Travelling Pop-up Globe
    Mark Houlahan, Unversity of Waikato

    Chapter 8: Asian Shakespeare Tourism
    Dr. Rebekah R. Bale, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and Dr. Henrique Fátima Boyol Ngan, Institute for Tourism Studies Macao.

    Part 4 - Local, National, and Global Shakespeare Festivals

    Chapter 9: Festivalizing Shakespeare in Languedoc: The Emergence of Cultural Heritage Tourism in Southern France, 1950s-1970s
    Florence March, IRCL, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier and Jean Vivier, IRCL, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier

    Chapter 10: Festival Shakespeare and Newfoundland as Tourist Place
    Robert Ormsby, Memorial University of Newfoundland

    Chapter 11: "Stay awhile": Tourist spectatorship at European International Shakespeare Festival’s
    Rowena Hawkins, King’s College London

    Part 5 - Technology and Shakespeare Tourism

    Chapter 12: "Some rare, noteworthy object in thy travel": Digital Kitsch and Shakespeare Memes
    Valerie M. Fazel, Arizona State University, and Louise Geddes, Adelphi University

    Chapter 13: Shakespeare’s Globe "360": virtual tourism, transmedial performance, and the reconstructed playhouse
    Valerie Clayman Pye, LIU Post

    Chapter 14: "You are here": Curatorial Interventions for The Displaced Visitor at The Rose Playhouse Historical Site from 1999 to 2019
    Johanna Schmitz, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Susan Bennett, University of Calgary



    Robert Ormsby is Associate Professor of English at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

    Valerie Clayman Pye is Chair of the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Arts Management and Associate Professor of Theatre at Long Island University, Post.