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    by CRC Press

    This work addresses the basic principles, synthesis / fabrication and applications of smart materials, specifically shape memory materials

    Based on origin, the mechanisms of transformations vary in different shape memory materials and are discussed in different chapters under titles of shape memory alloys, ceramics, gels and polymers

    Complete coverage of composite formation with polymer matrix and reinforcement filler conductive materials with examples

    1 Introduction 2 Shape Memory Alloys 3 Shape Memory Ceramics 4 Shape Memory Gels 5 Shape Memory Polymers 6 Shape Memory Hybrids 7 Shape Memory Polymer Composites 8 High-Temperature Shape Memory Materials 9 Electroactive Shape Memory Polymer Composites 10 Discussions and Future Prospects


    Mr. Arun D I is a Scientist at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) India and pursuing his research in the area of Smart materials. He had generated few technical reports in the area of smart materials and structures for aerospace sectors.
    Dr.Chakravarthy P is a faculty in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Space science and technology, India. He holds a doctoral degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and his current focus is into the development of new materials for Aerospace applications. He also has industrial experience in the Aerospace sector before taking up the academic assignment.
    Dr.Santhosh B is a senior Scientist at ISRO dealing with design and development of composite structures for various launch vehicles that includes smart structures also. He holds a doctoral degree in Composite structures and has design experience in industry before joining ISRO.
    Dr. Arockiakumar R is a faculty in the department of Metallurgy and Material Science engineering, National Institute of Technology Warangal, India. He is a Post-doctoral fellow from NIMS Japan and has extensive subject expertise in the field of Shape Memory Materials.

    "This book could be used by either those new to the technology who want to learn about shape memory materials or by those already working in the field of shape memory materials who want to review the latest materials and advances in shape memory materials and get some new perspective and insight into the various types of shape memory materials available today."
    IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, December 2018