1st Edition

Shaping Sustainable Change The Role of Partnership Brokering in Optimising Collaborative Action

Edited By Leda Stott Copyright 2019
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Multi-actor partnerships are promoted as central to the achievement of sustainable development. However, these relationships are not always easy, and calls are being made for more guidance on how partners can work together effectively to deliver results and achieve meaningful change.

    Shaping Sustainable Change explains the growing and significant role of partnership brokering in shaping these relationships. Drawing upon the work of the Partnership Brokers Association, it uses evidenced-based materials to show how the work of partnership brokering contributes to the management of collaborative relationships so that they are better positioned to have a positive and sustainable impact. As well as making the case for partnership brokering, the publication explores the profile and key activities carried out by partnership brokers, and the skills required to undertake this role. Examples are also provided to illustrate how partnership brokering works in practice in relation to different contexts, sectors and themes.

    This book will appeal not only to partnership brokers but also to professional and academic readers interested in achieving sustainable development.


    Ros Tennyson


    Leda Stott

    PART 1: Partnership Brokering: Why, What and How?

    Chapter 1: The Case for Partnership Brokering

    Leda Stott

    Chapter 2: What Do Partnership Brokers Do?

    Ros Tennyson

    Chapter 3: Creating a Better Fit: A Scoping Role for Partnership Brokers

    Rob van Tulder and Timo Kahlen

    Chapter 4: Building on Diversity: Negotiation in Partnerships

    Bulbul Baksi

    Chapter 5: Embedding Ethical and Principled Partnering Approaches

    Julie Mundy

    Chapter 6: Partnership Brokers as Planners, Managers and Administrators

    Surinder Hundal

    Chapter 7: Follow the Leader? Leadership in a Collaborative Model

    Ros Tennyson and Rachel Houghton

    Chapter 8: Going local: Partnering with Citizens and Communities

    Leda Stott, Marcia Dwonczyk and Joanna Pyres

    Chapter 9: Improving Partnerships: Reflecting, Reviewing and Revising

    Joanne Burke


    PART 2: Partnership Brokering in Practice

    Chapter 10: Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas: A Partnership Broker’s Personal Perspective

    Sara Nyanti

    Chapter 11: Internal Partnership Brokering within the Private Sector

    Gillian Pearl

    Chapter 12: Partnership Brokering in a University Environment: The Case of itdUPM

    Carlos Mataix, Jaime Moreno Serna and Sara Romero

    Chapter 13: Partnership Brokering for Local Food Systems in Poland

    Rafal Serafin

    Chapter 14: Learning from Luangeni: Partnership Brokering by Accident

    Martin Kalungu-Banda

    Chapter 15: Using a Review Process to Strengthen Partnerships: A Heritage Partnership in Newfoundland, Canada

    Marion McCahon and Nina Mitchelmore

    Chapter 16: Managing Complexity: Challenges for International Development Partnerships

    Donna Leigh Holden

    Chapter 17: Using Partnership-Based Approaches to Improve Aid Effectiveness: A Trilateral Cooperation Case Study

    Sarah MacCana, Moses Laman, Ning Xiao and Leanne Robinson


    Leda Stott is a specialist in multi-stakeholder collaboration and Associate of the Partnership Brokers Association.

    "An excellent introduction to partnership brokering; this book will be invaluable to any organisation that uses brokers or is thinking of using them in the future. Part 1 examines the roles taken by brokers in facilitating collaboration. Part 2 features a collection of real-life examples of brokering in action."

    Judith Nichol, Head of Factual Partnerships, BBC

    "Collaborating across boundaries is needed for humanity to survive the challenges of the 21st Century. Partnership brokering is emerging because some brilliant people realise this. Their words are in this book. I urge you to read it and join them."

    Sean Lowrie, Director, Start Network Consortium

    "A thought-provoking dive into the core and complexities of partnering, and an engaging journey to real-life practice all around the globe, from Nepal to Spain, Poland to Zambia, and Canada to Papua New Guinea. A must-read and a treat for partnering-passionates!"

    Mathieu Hermans, Senior Policy Advisor, Partnering and Capacity-Building, PAX

    "Our world increasingly requires groups and individuals with competing interests to collaborate and find common ground. The partnership brokering process outlined in this book provides practical advice on how we can achieve this."

    Kwasi Amponsah Boateng, Social Performance Manager, Tullow Oil Plc