Sheep And Goat Handbook, Vol. 4  book cover
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Sheep And Goat Handbook, Vol. 4

ISBN 9780367287238
Published May 7, 2019 by CRC Press
608 Pages

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Book Description

The Sheep and Goat Handbook includes presentations made at the International Stockmen's School, January 8-13, 1984.The faculty members of the School who authored this fourth volume of the Handbook, along with books on beef cattle, dairy cattle, and horses, are scholars, stockmen, and agribusiness leaders with national and international reputations. The papers are a mixture of technology and practice that present new concepts from the latest research results of experiments in all parts of the world. Relevant information and concepts from many related disciplines are included.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Part 1. GLOBAL AND NATIONAL ISSUES -- 1. Applying Agricultural Science and Technology to World Hunger Problems /Norman E. Borlaug -- 2. Future Agricultural Policy Considerations That Will Influence Livestock Producers /A. Barry Carr -- 3. Effective Ways for Livestock Producers to Influence the Policymaking Process: Practical Politics /A. Barry Carr -- 4.The Food Animal Residue Issue: Implications for Producers /Dixon D. Hubbard -- 5.Facing the Facts in Getting Started as a Livestock Producer /Dixon D. Hubbard -- 6.The Crown and the Mesta /R. L. Willham -- Part 2. ENERGY SOURCES AND ANIMAL WASTES -- 7.Photovoltaic Solar Power for Small Farm and Ranch Use /H. Joseph Ellen II -- 8.Anaerobic Digestion of Beef and Dairy Manure for Energy and Feed Production /William A. Scheller -- 9. Utilization of Cattle Manure for Fertilizer /John M. Sweeten -- Part 3. INFORMATION CHANNELS AND INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURES -- 10. Finding and Using Problem-solving Technology and Information in Livestock Production /Dixon D. Hubbard -- 11. Integrated Management: The Delivery Method for the Future /L. s. Bull -- 12. The University Farm: What Is Its Role in Animal Agriculture and How Do We Support It? /L. S. Bull -- 13. Development of the Sheep Industry During the Past 30 Years and Challenges for the Future /Ralph H. Grimshaw. -- 14. OK Sheep Expansion: A Sheep Producers Cooperative /Paul Muegge -- Part 4. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, MARKETING, AND OUTLOOK -- 15. Microcomputer Usage in Agriculture /Alan E. Baguet -- 16. Computerized Records and Decision Making /Alan E. Baguet -- 17. AGNET and Other Computer Information Sources /Robert v. Price -- 18. Electronic Marketing /Paul Muegge -- 19. Economic Outlook for the Livestock Industry /Robert v. Price. -- Part 5. NEW FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGY -- 20. The Potential of In Vitro Fertilization to the Livestock Industry /R. L. Ax -- 21. Embryo Transfer, Microsurgery, and Frozen Embryo Banks in the Cattle Industry /J. w. Turner -- 22. Residual Viruses in Animal Products and By-products /P. D. McKercher and Jerry J. Callis -- 23. Genetic Engineering of Animal Vaccines /Jerry J. Callis -- Part 6. RANGE, GRASS, AND FORAGE -- 24. The Nature and Extent of Grazing Lands in the United States /Evert K. Byington and Richard H. Hart. -- 25. What Is Good Range Management? /Gerald w. Thomas -- 26. Livestock Production in Sub-Saharan Africa: Pastoralists Caught in a Fragile Environment /Gerald w. Thomas -- 27. Strategies and Techniques for Production of Wildlife and Livestock on Western Rangelands /James G. Teer and D. Lynn Drawe. -- 28. Using Improved Grasses Profitably /Gerald G. Bryan. -- 29. Our Experiences with Using Legumes Profitably /Gerald G. Bryan -- 30. Controlled Grazing and Power Fence® /Arthur L. Snell. -- Part 7. GENETICS AND REPRODUCTION -- 31. Animal Genetic Resources and World Food Production /John Hodges -- 32. Hereditary Contributions to Adaptations of Sheep and Other Species /J. v. Whiteman -- 33. Records to Aid Sheep Improvement /J. v. Whiteman -- 34. The Relationship of Ewe Weight and Condition at Breeding to Reproductive Performance /J. v. Whiteman -- 35. Application of Acupuncture in Treatment of Animal Infertility /Qin Li-Rang and Yan Qin-Dian -- 36. Managing Sheep for Improved Fertility Cas Maree -- 37. Stages of the Birth Process and Causes of Dystocia in Sheep and Goats /Thomas R. Thedford -- 38. Delivery Problems in Sheep and Goats and Methods of Correction /Thomas R. Thedford. -- Part 8. NUTRITION AND FEEDING -- 39. New Methods for Calculation of Ruminant Protein /Needs L. s. Bull. -- 40. A Guide to Good Ewe Flock Nutrition /Hudson A. Glimp -- Part 9. MANAGEMENT AND HEALTH -- 41. Southwestern u.s. Flock Health and Management /Percy R. Turner. -- 42. Opportunities for Increasing Production Efficiency in Intensive Crop-Sheep Production Systems /Hudson A. Glimp. -- 43. Fall Lambing in Oklahoma Sid Ercanbrack and /Paul Muegge. -- 44.Techniques in Early Weaning of Lambs /Clarence v. Hulet -- 45. Advances in Reproductive Management Techniques for More Efficient and Profitable Lamb Production /Clarence v. Hulet. -- 46. Health and Management of Ruminants in a Tropical /Climate c. H. Mannasmith -- Part 10. BEHAVIOR AND FACILITIES -- 47. Livestock Behavior and Psychology as Related to Handling and Welfare /Temple Grandin -- 48. Animal Behavior and Production Efficiency /Clarence v. Hulet. -- 49. Sheep Handling and Facilities /Temple Grandin -- Part 11. HAIR SHEEP PRODUCTION -- SO. Hair Sheep: Meat Production Without Wool /H. A. Fitzhugh -- 51. Prolific Hair Sheep John P. Bishop -- Part 12. ANGORA GOAT PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT -- 52. Traits to Be Considered in Selecting Angora Goats /Maurice Shelton. -- 53. Feeding Angora Goats /Maurice Shelton -- 54. Goat Production and Marketing in the Patagonian Region of Argentina /Guillermo Campbell, Roberto Somlo, and Hugo F. Mendez Casariego -- SS. Production of Mohair in Argentina and the INTA Mohair Improvement Program /Guillermo Campbell, Roberto Somlo, and Hugo F. Mendez Casariego -- 56. Angora Goat Management Systems in Patagonia, Argentina /Guillermo Campbell, Roberto Somlo, and Hugo F. Mendez Casariego -- 57. Present and Future Trends in Dietary Habit Studies of Angora Goats in Argentina /Roberto Somlo, Guillermo Campbell, and Hugo F. Mendez Casariego -- Part 13. DAIRY GOAT PRODUCTION, MANAGEMENT, AND HEALTH -- 58. Inheritance of Type and Milk Production in Goats /George F. w. Haenlein. -- 59. Nutritional Causes of Reproductive Problems in Goats /George F. w. Haenlein -- 60. Goat Nutritional Management During Lactation /M. A. Galina -- 61. Dairy Goat Feeding Systems: Use of Crop By-products and Rangeland /M. A. Galina and c. Peraza. -- 62. Observations and Experiences in Dairy Goat Production and Management /Fran Forman -- Part 14. MEAT, DAIRY PRODUCTS, AND COOKERY -- 63. Outdoor Meat Cookery for Small and Large Groups /c. Boyd Ramsey -- 64. Cooking Meat for Maximum Eating Quality /c. Boyd Ramsey -- 65. Meat Palatability as Affected by Nutrition of Animals /c. Boyd Ramsey. -- 66. Production of Goat Meat George /F. w. Haenlein -- 67. Production, Processing, and Marketing of Dairy Goat Milk, Cheese, and Cajeta in Mexico /M.A. Galina and J. Hummel -- Index of Authors -- List of Other Books of Interest Published by Westview Press and Winrock International.

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