1st Edition

Shell Structures: Theory and Applications (Vol. 2) Proceedings of the 9th SSTA Conference, Jurata, Poland, 14-16 October 2009

Edited By Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz, Ireneusz Kreja Copyright 2009

    Shell Structures. Theory and Applications, Volume 2 contains 77 contributions from over 17 countries, reflecting a wide spectrum of scientific and engineering problems of shell structures. The papers are divided into six broad groups: 1. General lectures; 2. Theoretical modeling; 3. Stability; 4. Dynamics; 5. Numerical analysis; 6. Engineering design, and will be of interest to academics, researchers, designers and engineers dealing with theoretical modelling, computerized analyses and engineering design of thin-walled structures and shell structural elements.

    General lectures

    Developments in strength and stability of shell components used in submersibles
    J. Błachut

    Recent developments in the analysis of carbon nanotubes and nonlinear shell theories 
    J.N. Reddy, R.A. Arciniega & C.M. Wang

    Recent developments in the theory of nonlinearly elastic plates and shells 
    D.J. Steigmann

    Modeling of failure mechanisms in laminated composite shell structures 
    W. Wagner

    Recent improvements in formulation of mixed and mixed/enhanced shell elements 
    K. Wiśniewski

    Theoretical modelling

    On the shell and plate theories with surface stresses 
    H. Altenbach &V.A. Eremeyev

    On evolution of notion of the capillarity tensor 
    J. Badur & M. Karcz

    Continuous dependence and instability in the linear theory of elastic shells 
    M. Bîrsan & H. Altenbach

    The free material optimization of elastic plates and membrane shells. The case of two loading conditions 
    S. Czarnecki & T. Lewiński

    On tension of a two-phase elastic tube 
    V.A. Eremeyev & W. Pietraszkiewicz

    Modelling of thin functionally graded shells 
    J. Jędrysiak & Cz. Woźniak

    Compression of nonlinear elastic membranes between rigid surfaces 
    A.M. Kolesnikov

    On exact two-dimensional kinematics for the branching shells 
    V. Konopińska & W. Pietraszkiewicz

    Stiffness maximization of plates and shells made of elastic material with fixed Kelvin moduli 
    T. Lewiński & G. Dzierżanowski

    The dynamic modelling of thin skeletonal shallow shells 
    B. Michalak & Cz. Woźniak

    Modeling of carbon nanotubes with the use of thin shell theory 
    A. Muc

    The Reissner-Mindlin plate is the -limit of linear Cosserat elasticity 
    P. Neff& K.-I. Hong

    On displacemental version of the non–linear theory of thin shells 
    S. Opoka & W. Pietraszkiewicz

    Towards a theory of shells of variable thickness 
    M.L. Szwabowicz

    Nonlinear Saint-Venant problem of torsion and tension of the cylindrical shell 
    L.M. Zubov & V.A. Eremeyev


    Buckling of circular ring joint with cylindrical shell 1
    S.B. Filippov

    Stability of roof trusses stiffened by corrugated sheets 
    P. Iwicki

    Elastic-plastic stability analysis of unbalanced sandwich cylindrical shells under longitudinal and shear loading 
    L. Jaskuła & J. Zielnica

    Stability equations for thin elastic barelled shells under external pressure 
    P. Jasion & K. Magnucki

    Influence of the axial mode on interactive buckling of thin-walled channels
    Z. Kołakowski & K. Kowal-Michalska

    Refined results on buckling of the axially compressed circular cylinder 
    S. Opoka & W. Pietraszkiewicz

    Static and kinetic limit loads of spherical shells 
    J. Pontow & D. Dinkier

    Imperfection sensitivity of multilayered composite shells 
    A. Sabik & I. Kreja

    Stability of elastic cylindrical micropolar shells subject to combined loads 
    D.N. Sheydakov

    Tests on the buckling capacity of cylindrical shells under circumferential imperfection 
    H. Showkati, M. Pourmirza & A. Yousefieh

    Numerical stability analysis of shell structures revisited 
    R.G. Winkler & F.-J. Falkner

    Axisymmetric imperfections interaction effect on the buckling of cylindrical shells 
    A. Yousefieh, M. Pourmirza & H. Showkati

    Modeling of vibration of pre-stressed liquid filled tank 
    J. Badur, M. Karcz, M. Lemański, R. Kucharski, A. Wiśniewski, W. Zakrzewski, D. Sławiński & L. Nastałek

    Nonlinear dynamics of shallow shells with complex base coupled to quiescent fluid 
    I.D. Breslavsky, K.V. Avramov & E.A. Strelnikova

    Vibrations of composite fibre-reinforced beam induced by inertialess moving load 
    J. Gołaś, A. Podhorecki & M. Jarząb

    Non-linear FEM analysis of earthquake-induced pounding between two buildings modelled by shell elements 
    R. Jankowski

    Investigation of nonlinear dissipative chaotic dynamics of plates and shells 
    V.A. Krysko, M. Zhigalov, V. Soldatov, S. Mitskevitch, E.S. Kuznetsova, K.F. Shagivaleev, J. Awrejcewicz & J. Mrozowski

    Influence of HE location on elastic-plastic tube response under blast loading 
    J. Malachowski

    Elasto-plastic dynamic response of thin-walled columns subjected to pulse compression 
    R.J. Mania & K. Kowal-Michalska

    Free vibrations of cylindrical shells with delaminations 
    A. Muc & P. Kędziora

    Influence of rotation velocity of a thick-walled pipe on its corrosive wear 
    E.A. Nuriyev

    Experiments on damage development in metallic plates subjected to explosions 
    Ł. Pyrzowski, P. Kłosowski, K. Woznica & O. Pennetier

    Free vibrations of shell rotor blades in a compressor 
    R. Rządkowski, L. Kwapisz & R. Szczepanik

    Dynamic and tomography analysis of granular flow in cylindrical shell 
    K. Wilde, J. Tejchman, M. Rucka & M. Niedostatkiewicz

    Dynamic behaviour of thin annular plates made from functionally graded material 
    A. Wirowski

    Wave propagation in the periodically ribbed elastic plates 
    Cz. Woźniak & E. Wierzbicki

    Dynamic analysis of functionally graded cylindrical shell with finite length 
    M.H. Yas & R. Najmee

    Numerical analysis

    Analysis of bearing capacity of cylindrical panel subjected to corrosion 
    A.N. Alizada

    Numerical simulation of local instabilities of membranes reinforced with cables 
    W. Bereza & M. Stanuszek
    Laminated shells in nonlinear six-parameter shell theory 
    J. Chróścielewski, I. Kreja, A. Sabik & W. Witkowski

    Inf-sup condition tests for shell/plate finite elements 
    W. Gilewski & M. Sitek

    Application of discrete Fourier series in the boundary value problems of plates and shells 
    Ya.M. Grigorenko & L.S. Rozhok

    Static problems for noncircular cylindrical shells: Classical and refined theories 
    A.Ya. Grigorenko & S.M. Yaremchenko

    Solving stationary problems of shell theory with allowance for transverse reduction 
    Ya.M. Grigorenko, E.I. Bespalova & G.P. Urusova

    Multiscale modeling for cancellous bone by using shell elements 
    K. Hackl, S. Ilic & R. Gilbert

    Three-node planar DCT type finite element in nonlinear shell analysis 
    M.K. Jasina

    Non-linear geometrically exact solid-shell element under follower loads 
    G.M. Kulikov & S.V. Plotnikova

    A thermopiezomechanical finite rotation shell element 
    S. Lentzen

    On an efficient implementation of ‘Solid-Shell’ finite elements with quadratic shape functions for explicit time integration 
    S. Mattern & K. Schweizerhof

    The helicoidal modeling in the approximation of shell structures mechanics 
    T. Merlini & M. Morandini

    Remarks on the selective reduced integration in 9-node shell elements 
    P. Panasz & K. Wiśniewski

    Engineering design

    Plastic limit load of piping branched junctions under pure bending moment 
    R. Akbari Alashti

    Numerical modelling of the hysteretic behaviour of piezoactuated structures 
    H. Bossong, R. Schmidt & D. Weichert

    Influence of geometric imperfections on capacities of silo structures loaded with pressure below atmospheric 
    M. Gołota, J. Górski, T. Mikulski & K. Winkelmann

    Metamodels in optimisation of plywood sandwich panels 
    K. Kalnins, G. Jekabsons, K. Zudrags & R. Beitlers

    Safety of defected cooling tower shell 
    T. Kasprzak, P. Konderla & G. Waśniewski

    Strength of stiffened hybrid steel girders under shear 
    T. Kinomura & S. Shimizu

    Form-finding of textile hanging roof of Opera Lesna open-air theatre in Sopot 
    P. Kłosowski

    Strength analysis of ascissors-AVLB type bridge 
    W. Krason

    A FEM membrane model of human fascia–Synthetic implant system in a case of a stiff ventral hernia orifice 
    I. Lubowiecka, C. Szymczak, A. Tomaszewska & M. Śmietański

    Collapse mechanics in externally loaded pressure vessels with simulated corrosion damage 
    J.R. MacKay, F. van Keulen, M.J. Smith & N.G. Pegg

    Experimental research and integrated modelling with shell finite elements for sheet roof covering 
    M. Piekarczyk, E. Pięciorak, H. Pasternak & G. Kubieniec

    Limit load of the panel with elliptical opening 
    G.H. Rahimi, R. Akbari Alashti & M. Arefi

    Global approach in modelling of riveted joints 
    E. Szymczyk, J. Jachimowicz & G. Slawinski

    A method for response of stiffened panels subject to combined loading 
    M. Taczała

    Updating of steel plate FE model on experimental modal pairs 
    K. Wilde & M. Hirsz

    Stressed skin action of the roof systems with hat-shaped purlins 
    A.M. Wrzesien, J.B.P. Lim & R.M. Lawson


    Ireneusz Kreja, Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz