1st Edition

Shiga Shigetaka 1863-1927 The Forgotten Enlightener

By Masako Gavin Copyright 2001
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    Shiga Shigetaka was a pioneering advocate of the preservation of Japan's cultural identity in the face of increasing pressure from the west. This book presents a realistic picture of Shiga's beliefs and thus gain insight into modern Japanese intellectual history.

    Introduction 1 The First Myth - Shiga as a 'Conservative' Intellectual 2 Nihon Fiikeiron Uapanese Landscape): The Second Myth of Shiga the Imperialist 3 Shiga's Early Years 4 Nan'yo Jiji (Current Affairs in the South Seas) 5 Educating for a New Japan Part 1: The Imperial Education System: The Imperial Rescript on Education Part 2: An Enlightened World View: Shiga in the Twentieth Century 6 Conclusion


    Masako Gavin

    '...succinctly written and contains more detail than many books twice its length. In fact, the lucidity of the style, in combination with a clear structure, amkes very much for readability, something I personally would like to see a lot more academics bear in mind...and I do most heartilt recommend it.' - Ken Henshall University of Waikato