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1st Edition

Shoguns City

ISBN 9781138996144
Published August 26, 2016 by Routledge
256 Pages

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Book Description

First Published in 1995. Some thirty years have passed since the death of Noel Nouet. He was a revered teacher, historian, writer and talented woodblock artist who became the author's person friend during the 1950s in Japan. The original French edition of this book (1961) began with Noel Nouer's description of what he intended his book to be. He had no claims, he said, to have written a scholarly work. Rather he wanted 'to present a kind of emakimono, picture-scroll, of Tokyo' that would be 'pleasant to peruse?€?.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Donald Richie; Chapter 1 The Birth of Edo and the Tokugawa Shoguns; Chapter 2 Ieyasu and the Building of Edo; Chapter 3 The Struggle for Power; Chapter 4 Ieyasu as Shogun; Chapter 5 The Daimyo at Edo; Chapter 6 Hidetada Closes Japan; Chapter 7 The Story of Shogun Iemitsu; Chapter 8 Early Edo: Low Life & High Life; Chapter 9 The Fourth Shogun, Ietsuna,& the Sad Tale of Sakura Sogoro; Chapter 10 Shogun Tsunayoshi, Kaempfer and the 47 Ronin; Chapter 11 The Genroku Era (1688?€“1703); Chapter 12 Kabuki, the Yoshiwara & Shogun Ienobu; Chapter 13 Edo at the Beginning of the 18th Century; Chapter 14 The Life & Times of Yoshimune the Eighth Shogun; Chapter 15 Shogun Ieharu & the End of the 18th Century; Chapter 16 Life in Edo in the Early 19th Century; Chapter 17 Commodore Perry Challenges the Shogun ?€” and Wins; Chapter 18 The First Foreigners Arrive in Edo; Chapter 19 Yoshinobu ?€” the Last Shogun; Chapter 20 Edo Becomes Tokyo: Japan's Modernisation Begins; Chapter 21 The 20th Century: Troubled Beginnings; Chapter 22 The Greath Earthquake of 1923 & the Showa Era; Conclusion;

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Michèle Mills