1st Edition

Shoot, Edit, Share Video Production for Mass Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

By Kirsten Johnson, Jodi Radosh Copyright 2017
    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    Shoot, Edit, Share is an interactive, accessible introduction to video production techniques, concepts, and terminology. With the increasing availability of affordable video equipment, many students and professionals need to learn the basics of video production without being overwhelmed by technical details and equipment lists. Covering preproduction, production, editing in post, and distribution, this book shows you how to produce video quickly and effectively for a range of clients, from commercial firms to community service organizations.

    Key features include:

    • A companion website including video interviews with professionals that demonstrate and reinforce techniques covered in the book;
    • Service-learning exercises that engage readers in real-world learning experiences, encouraging them to interact with their communities and new clients;
    • Clear, easy to follow and heavily illustrated guides for all of the equipment and processes that go into video production;
    • Focus on creating stories for a target audience, and building convincing and engrossing narrative through videos;
    • A thorough breakdown of all the techniques needed in post-production, through editing, well-designed graphics, and quality sound;
    • A best-practices guide to viral videos, sharing video content online and increasing its exposure on social media sites;
    • QR codes throughout the book, that when scanned, demonstrate video techniques and concepts related to what was read.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Getting Started

    Phase 1: Preproduction

    The Treatment

    Media Audit

    Phase 2: Production

    Shooting in the Field vs. Studio

    Phase 3: Postproduction and Distribution

    Types of Evaluation

    Production Process Checklist

    Chapter 2: Studio Production

    Studio Positions

    Floor Director Cues

    Control Room

    Video Switcher

    Directing Cues

    Three-point Lighting

    Lighting Plot

    Floor Plan

    Directing Checklist


    Chapter 3: The Camera

    Parts of the Camera

    Types of Shots

    Breaking Action Down

    Camera Movements

    White Balancing

    Shooting Great Video Checklist


    Chapter 4: Sound

    Types of Microphones

    Pickup Patterns

    Audio Board

    Monitoring Sound

    Conducting a Mic Check

    Audio Production Checklist


    Chapter 5: Telling a Story

    Know Your Target Audience

    What’s the Focus of Your Story?

    Tell Your Story Through People

    5W’s and H

    Show Don’t Tell

    Using Sequences to Tell Stories

    Scripting Formats


    Storytelling Checklist


    Chapter 6: Shooting Video & Field Production

    The Tripod

    Composition and Framing


    Rule of Thirds




    Frame Within a Frame



    Shots that Help Tell the Story

    Shooting Video and Field Production Checklist


    Chapter 7: Nonlinear Editing

    Time Code

    Logging Video

    Insert Edits

    Overwrite Edits

    Matching Pictures to Words


    Use of Computer Generated Effects

    Editing Your Audio

    Use of Music

    Layering Sound

    Editing Process


    Chapter 8: Graphics

    Types of Graphics

    Key Design Principles

    Chroma Key


    Graphics Checklist


    Chapter 9: Online and Viral Video

    Shooting for the Small Screen

    Have a Hook

    Short and Simple Storytelling

    Social Media

    Successful Social Media Campaigns with Videos

    What is a Viral Video?

    Examples of Viral Videos in Different Categories

    Tips for Getting Your Video to Go Viral

    Online and Viral Video Checklist

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    Kirsten Johnson, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communications at Elizabethtown College. She has a Ph.D. from Drexel University, a M.S. degree in Telecommunications from Kutztown University, and a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University. Dr. Johnson worked in radio and television for nearly a decade, including WOI-TV in Des Moines, Iowa and WGAL-TV in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    Jodi Radosh, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Communication and Associate Director of the Holleran Center for Community Engagement at Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania. She earned a Ph.D. in Mass Media and Communications and a M.J. degree in Journalism from Temple University. She received a B.A. in Communications and English from Rutgers University. Dr. Radosh worked as a television reporter for various news stations including WGAL-TV in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    "In a world flooded with technology, Johnson and Radosh beautifully break down the video production process through a list of step-by-step practices. They explain the equipment as well as provide visual examples and practical exercises for students to test their skills. This book would be an exceptional addition to any hands-on production course!" —Adrienne Garvey, Lancaster Bible College