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Short Takes on Long Views: Enlightenment, Romanticism and Contemporary Culture

About the Series

Contemporary notions of reason, imagination, literature, science, sexuality, democracy, Nature and even the Human were forged by Enlightenment and Romantic thought. Yet this inheritance now seems unseated by developments it has helped engineer: the digital revolution, globalisation, climate change, fake news, and the emergence of artificial intelligence.


In this time of rapid change, Short Takes on Long Views aims to re-address and re-envision the founding of modernity, its contemporary legacies, and the multiple futures. The series puts the so-called “universal” ideas of the European Enlightenment (and subsequent Romantic responses and revisions) into a global context to transform their histories and legacies in the present, and to imagine new possibilities for the future.


Short Takes on Long Views presents small books on big questions, which will to appeal to both researchers and students across the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

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Enlightened Aboriginal Futures

Enlightened Aboriginal Futures

1st Edition

By Barry Judd, Katherine Ellinghaus
October 15, 2023

This book examines the radical intervention of the German-Australian Lutheran missionary F. W. Albrecht in the education of Aboriginal children. Albrecht’s ideas about consent, freedom of choice and personal autonomy were expressed in schemes designed to educate and empower Aboriginal people and ...

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