1st Edition

Shotcrete Engineering Developments

Edited By E.S. Bernard Copyright 2001

    A reference for shotcrete technologists and practitioners on this method of concrete placement and its great scope for adaptability, optimization, and error. The text assesses laboratory research projects and also focusses on innovative developments in this field.

    Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Keynote papers -- Fracture toughness of fiber reinforced shotcrete: issues and challenges /N.Banthia -- Modern advances and applications of sprayed concrete /T.A.Melbye & R.H.Dimmock -- Other papers -- Dynamically loaded young shotcrete linings /A.Ansell & I.Holmgren -- A Double Anchored (DD) steel fibre for shotcrete /N.Banthia & H.Armelin -- Recent developments in the field of shotcrete: the Quebec experience /D.Beaupre, M.Jolin, M.Pigeon & P.La,combe -- Performance of multi-layered polymer and fibre reinforced concrete panels /E.S.Bernard -- The influence of curing on the performance of fibre reinforced shotcrete panels /E.S.Bernard & M.J.K.Clements -- Punching a rock bolt assembly through a fibre reinforced concrete panel /E.S.Bernard & S.Harkin -- Numerical analysis of ground - shotcrete interaction in tunnelling /D.Boldini & A.Lembo-Fazio -- Mode of action of alkali-free sprayed shotcrete accelerators /T.A.Biirge -- Use of recycled aggregates in fibre reinforced shotcrete: mechanical properties, permeability and frost durability /T.Farstad & C.Hauck -- Determining the ultimate displacements of shotcrete tunnel linings /N.N.Fotieva & A.S.Sammal -- A specialised shotcrete system for refractory and mining applications /F.T.Gay, A.J.S.Spearing & R.First -- An evaluation of repair mortars installed by worm-pump spraying /C.I.Goodier, S.A.Austin & P.J.Robins -- Design guidelines for the use of SFRS in ground support1 /N.B.Grant, R. Ratcliffe & F. Papworth -- Behaviour of steel fibre reinforced shotcrete during large deformations in squeezing rock /E.Grimstad -- Active design in civil tunnelling with sprayed concrete as a permanent lining3 /E.Grov -- Monocoque lining design for the Gotthard Base Tunnel5 /fl.Hagedorn & Z.Q. Wei -- The MS motorway tunnel: an education in Quality Assurance for fibre reinforced shotcrete /S.A.Hanke, A.Collis& E.S.Bernard -- Use of recycled aggregates in fibre reinforced shotcrete: mix design, properties of fresh concrete, and on-site documentation /C.Hauck & T.Farstad -- Shotcrete use in the Southern Link tunnel, Stockholm1 /B.l.Karlsson & T.P.Ellison -- Reduction of rebound and dust for the dry-mix shotcrete process /WKusterle& M.Pfeuffer -- Phase transitions in shotcrete: from material modelling to structural safety assessment /Ch.Hellmich, J.Macht, R.Lackner, HA.Mang & F.-J.Ulm -- Evaluation of shrinkage-reducing admixtures in wet and dry-mix shotcretes5 /D.R.Morgan, R.Heere, C.Chan, J.K.Buffenbarger & R.Tomita -- A new chemical approach to obtain high early strength in shotcrete /R.Myrdal, R.Hansen & G. Tjugum -- Pull-out mechanisms of twisted steel fibers embedded in concrete /A.E. Naaman & C.Sujivorakul -- Load bearing capacity of steel fibre reinforced shotcrete linings /U.Nilsson & ].Holmgren -- Durability of steel fibre reinforced shotcrete with regard to corrosion /E.Nordstrom -- Tele-operated shotcrete spraying with the Meyco Robojet Logica /N.Runciman, G.Newson & M.Rispin -- Classification of steel fibre reinforced shotcretes according to recent European standards /H.Schorn -- Developments and applications of high performance polymer fibres in shotcrete /P.C.Tatnall & I.Brooks -- The role of constitutive models in the analysis of shotcrete-based ground support systems /A.H. Thomas, C.R.I. Clayton & P.Norris -- Application of Yield Line Theory to Round Determinate Panels5 /V.N. G. Tran, A.I.Beasley & E.S.Bernard -- Author index.


    E. S. Bernard (Edited by)