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Silanes and Other Coupling Agents, Volume 5

ISBN 9789004165915
Published March 16, 2009 by CRC Press
360 Pages

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Book Description

The topic of silanes and other coupling agents/adhesion promoters is of tremendous contemporary interest because of their application in many and varied technologically important areas ranging from coatings to reinforced composites to dentistry to biomedical (e.g., for bonding nucleotides to the so-called ‘gene chips’). In addition to their traditional use for bonding different materials, silanes have been shown to be highly effective in corrosion protection of metallic materials. This book is divided into three parts as follows: Part 1: Silane Coupling Agents/Adhesion Promoters; Part 2: Silanes for Corrosion Inhibition/Protection; Parts 3: General papers. The topics covered include: various ways to deposit silanes and factors affecting silane deposition and silane deposit characteristics; structure of silane deposits; silane deposition on glass and other surfaces; hydrophobic silane films; water absorption and transport in silane films; application of silanes in fiber-reinforced composites for dental use in cathodic delamination of elastomer-metal adhesive joints, and to impart anti-mold and anti fungal characteristics to wood; use of silanes in providing corrosion protection to metallic materials and in enhancing corrosion performance of coatings; plasma polymer coatings in corrosion protection of metallic materials; chromata-free silane-containing primer technology; silane coupling agents for surface-initiated living polymerization; nanosols to improve functional properties of fabrics; photocatalytic titania for textile application; solid-state NMR studies of surface treatments; surface free energy of silicon-based plasma polymer films. In essence this book reflects the latest R&D activity in this arena and should be of interest and value to anyone with a desire or need to learn about this fascinating and technologically highly significant class of materials.

Table of Contents



Silane Coupling Agents/Adhesion Promoters

Silane Coupling Agents and Glass Fibre Surfaces: A Perspective; J. G. Matisons

The Concentration of Hydroxyl Groups on Glass Surfaces and Their Effect on the Structure of Silane Deposits; X. M. Liu, J. L. Thomason and F. R. Jones

XPS and AFM Study of the Structure of Hydrolysed Aminosilane on E-Glass Surfaces; X. M. Liu, J. L. Thomason and F. R. Jones

The Role of Polarity in the Structure of Silanes Employed in Surface Modification; B. Arkles, Y. Pan and Y. M. Kim

Characterisation of Silane Pretreatment for Organic Coatings on Copper; F. Deflorian, S. Rossi, M. Fedel, G. Pilzer and L. Fedrizzi

Hydrothermal Degradation of Hydrophobic Organosilane Films Determined by Neutron Reflectometry; P. Wang, G. Pan, W. A. Hamilton and D. W. Schaefer

Water Absorption and Transport in Bis-amino Silane Film; Y. Wang, P. Wang, D. Kohls, W. A. Hamilton and D. W. Schaefer

The Effect of the Novel Silane System on the Flexural Properties of E-Glass Fiber-Reinforced Composites for Dental Use; J. P. Matinlinna, J. E. Dahl, S. Karlsson, L. V. J. Lassila and P. K. Vallittu The Positive Effects of γ -APS on the Cathodic Delamination of Elastomer–Metal Adhesive Joints; R. F. Hamade

Surface Modification of Wood by Alkoxysilane Sol–Gel Deposition to Create Anti-mold and Anti-fungal Characteristics; M. A. Tshabalala, V. Yang and R. Libert

Silanes for Corrosion Inhibition/Protection

A Review of Plasma Polymer Coatings in Corrosion Protection of Metallic Materials; Q. Yu

Chromate-Free Silane-Containing Primer Technology; P. Puomi, Z. Yin, W. van Ooij and A. Seth

Improving the Corrosion Performance of Epoxy Coatings by Modification with "Active" and "Non-active" Silane Monomers; J.-M. Hu, W.-G. Ji, L. Liu, J.-Q. Zhang and C.-N. Cao

Corrosion Protection of Batch Galvanized Steels by Thin Silane Films with Corrosion Inhibitors; M. Xu, D. Zhu and W. J. van Ooij

Zinc Phosphate as an Effective Anticorrosion Pigment in Silane-Based Waterborne Primers; Z. Yin, A. Ashirgade, A. Seth, P. Puomi and W. J. van Ooij

Metal-Protective Films Based on Mixed Silane Coupling Agents; D. W. Schaefer, Y. Wang and T. L. Metroke

General Papers

Silane Coupling Agents for Surface-Initiated Living Polymerizations; G.-D. Fu, E. T. Kang and K. G. Neoh

Application of Nanosols to Improve Functional Properties of p-Aramide Fabrics Used for Bullet-Proof Vests; T. Textor, T. Bahners, F. Schröter, B. Schulz and E. Schollmeyer

Photocatalytic Titania Derived by Sol–Gel Technique for Textile Application; T. Textor, F. Schroeter and E. Schollmeyer

Solid-State NMR Studies of a Hydrophobic Surface Treatment for TiO2: n-Octylphosphonic Acid; A. A. Parker and T. Wagler

Surface-Free Energy of Silicon-Based Plasma Polymer Films; V. Cech, S. Lichovnikova, J. Sova and J. Studynka

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