1st Edition

Silences, Neglected Feelings, and Blind-Spots in Research Practice

Edited By Kathy Davis, Janice Irvine Copyright 2022
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book addresses wide-ranging dilemmas that social researchers may face as a result of silences, neglected feelings, and blind-spots in their research. In every research endeavour, thoughts, intuitions, biases, feelings or sensations may be left aside as the researcher attempts to come to terms with the complexities of material and figure out what the ‘main issue’ is. Researchers may pay attention to their own emotional responses during the interview, but often only in their field notes. Rarely do feelings of shock, irritation, boredom or, for that matter, amusement, excitement and delight find their way into the analysis itself. In addition, researchers are all susceptible to blind-spots, often unaware of what is being avoided in research or omitted from it. However, reflection about precisely these gaps or silences may prove essential for developing new and interesting questions as well as comprehensive, responsive, and responsible research practices. In this volume, an international, cross-disciplinary cohort of researchers think critically about the silences, neglected feelings, and blind-spots in their own work, and offer insights for enhancing research practices. As such, it will appeal to scholars across the social sciences with interests in research methods and methodology.


    Kathy Davis and Janice Irvine

    Part I: Silences

    1. The Silence of Gold: Feelings about Money in Field Relationships

    Sealing Cheng

    2. Keeping Quiet: Doing Research When You’re Woman, Feminist & Black

    madeleine kennedy-macfoy

    3. Navigating Race - Expectations Before, During, and After Research

    Jonathan R. Wynn

    4. Do Lawsuits Silence? Legal Harassment in Corporate Crime Research

    Willem De Haan

    Part II: Neglected Feelings

    5. "Bad Feelings": Reflections on Research, Disciplines, and Critical Methodologies

    Ghassan Moussawi and Jyoti Puri

    6. The Shamefulness of Boredom: Are Good Researchers Allowed to be Bored?

    Kathy Davis

    7. In Praise of Suspicion

    Oyman Basaran

    8. The Botanical Sublime: Thinking and Feeling with Plants

    Banu Subramanian

    Part III: Blind-spots

    9. Coming to Terms with the Present: Difficult Feelings in Post-Shoah Germany

    Ina Schaum

    10. ‘We Will Sue You If You Dare Publish Our Pictures!’: Discovering Myopia in a Feminist, Participatory Photo-voice Project with Sex Workers in Ethiopia

    Ida Sabelis and Lorraine Nencel

    11. From Myopia to Clarity: Missed Opportunities and New Directions in an International Research Setting

    David Cort

    Concluding Conversations

    Studying Those Who Hate Us: Fear, Anxiety and Blind-spots in Researching the Right

    Janice Irvine and Arlene Stein


    Kathy Davis is Senior Research Fellow in the Sociology Department at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is the author of Reshaping the Female Body, Dubious Equalities and Embodied Differences, The Making of Our Bodies, Ourselves: How Feminism Travels Across Borders and Dancing Tango: Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World.

    Janice Irvine is Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. She is the author of Marginal People in Deviant Places: Ethnography, Difference, and the Challenge to Scientific Racism; Talk About Sex: The Battles Over Sex Education in the United States, and Disorders of Desire: Sex and Gender in Modern American Sexology.