1st Edition

Silicone Surfactants

Edited By Randall M. Hill Copyright 1999

    "Serves as a comprehensive introduction to the preparation, uses, and physical chemistry of silicone surfactants--focusing on silicone polyoxyalkylene copolymers that are surface active in both aqueous and nonaqueous systems. Covers applications in the manufacture of polyurethane foam, coatings, wetting agents, fabric finishes, and polymer surface modifiers."

    Siloxane surfactants; silicone polyether copolymers - synthetic methods and chemical compositions; novel siloxane surfactant structures; surface activity and aggregation behaviour of siloxane surfactants; the science of silicone surfactant application in the formation of polyurethane foam; silicone polymers for foam control and demulsification; silicone surfactants - applications in the personal care industry; silicone surfactants - emulsification; use of organosilicone surfactant as agrichemical adjuvants; polymer surface modifiers; surfactant-enhanced spreading; ternary phase behaviour of mixtures of siloxane surfactants, silicone oils and water.


    Hill, Randal Myron

    ". . .the book offers a good summary of the field for all scientists who are interested in synthesis, properties, and the application of silicone surfactants."
    ---Molecular Chemistry and Physics
    "...gives a timely description of a broad and growing area of surfactant science....written mainly by authors from industry, who provide useful insights into the many applications of surfactant materials. ...a good review of the current state of silicone surfactants and will be of use to all in the field. "
    ---Applied Organometallic Chemistry