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The Age of Improvement, 1783-1867

The Age of Improvement, 1783-1867

2nd Edition

By Asa Briggs
October 21, 1999

The Age of Improvement has long established itself as a classic of modern historical writing. Widely read and quoted it has had a unique influence on teaching and research.  This second edition draws on the great volume of new research - produced by Lord Briggs amongst others, since its ...

Early Modern Europe 1500-1789

Early Modern Europe 1500-1789

1st Edition

By H.G. Koenigsberger
September 01, 1999

Opening at the height of the Renaissance, the book chronicles the dawning of a new age on the European continent. Koenigsberger paints a detailed picture of the Reformation and its significance as increasingly powerful nations began to intrude on their subjects’ public and private lives. He gives ...

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