Simple Models of Complex Nuclei  book cover
1st Edition

Simple Models of Complex Nuclei

ISBN 9783718605507
Published April 8, 1993 by CRC Press
1074 Pages

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Book Description

applications to the structure of atomic nuclei. The author systematically develops these models from the elementary level, through an introduction to tensor algebra, to the use of group theory in spectroscopy. The book's extensive and detailed appendix includes a large selection of useful formulae of tensor algebra and spectroscopy. The serious graduate student, as well as the professional physicist, will find this complete treatment of the shell model to be an invaluable addition to the literature.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction-Effective Interactions

2. Historical Survey

3. Single Particle in a Central Potential Well

4. Harmonic Oscillator Potential

5. Transformation Under Rotations

6. Infinitesimal Rotations and Angular Momentum

7. Coupling of Angular Momenta. 3j-Symbols

8. The Wigner-Eckart Theorem

9. Two Nucleon Wave Functions. 9j-Symbols

10. Matrix Elements of Two Nucleon Interactions. 6j-Symbols

11. Short Range Potentials - The d-Interaction

12. The Pairing Interaction and the Surface Delta Interaction

13. Two Nucleons in a Harmonic Oscillator Potential Well

14. Determinantal Many Nucleon Wave Functions

15. Nucleons in the same Orbit. Coefficients of Fractional Parentage

16. Examples of Effective Interactions in Nuclei and Atoms

17. Second Quantization. Single Nucleon and Two-Body Operators

18. Two Nucleon Operators. Particle Hole Interactions

19. Nucleon Pairing and Seniority

20. Hamiltonians Which are Diagonal in the Seniority Scheme

21. Examples of jn Configurations in Nuclei

22. The Quasi-Spin Scheme

23. Generalized Seniority. Ground States of Semi-Magic Nuclei

24. Generalized Seniority. Other States of Semi-Magic Nuclei

25. Seniority and the Sp(2j + 1) Group

26. Seniority with Isospin. The U(2(2j + 1) Group and Subgroups

27. Applications of Seniority with Isospin. Symmetry Energy

28. Seniority in ln Configurations with T = n/2. The O(2l + 1) Group

29. LS-Coupling of Protons and Neutrons. The SU(4) Scheme

30. Special Proton Neutron Mixed Configurations. The SU(3) Scheme

31. Valence Protons and Neutrons in Different Orbits

32. Configuration Mixing. Effective Operators

33. The Interacting Boson. (IBA-1)

34. The U(5) Scheme - The Vibrational Limit

35. The O(6) Limit. O(5) Symmetry

36. The SU(3) Dynamical Symmetry - Rotational Spectra

37. Mapping States of Identical Fermions onto Boson States

38. Valence Protons and Neutrons. The S-D Space

39. The Proton Neutron Interacting Boson Model (IBA-2)

40. Simple IBA-2 Hamiltonians. Some Applications

41. Particles Coupled to a Rotating Core




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