1st Edition

Singapore Mandarin Grammar II

By Lu Jianming Copyright 2023
    438 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    As the second volume of a two-volume set that presents a comprehensive syntactical picture of Singapore Mandarin, this title analyses various expressions relating to number, quantity, time and place, composite sentences and the characteristics and standardisation of Singapore Mandarin.

    The first two chapters discuss expressions of number, quantity, time and place in Singapore Mandarin and touch upon the differences in these expressions between Singapore and Chinese Mandarin (Putonghua). Composite sentences are then analysed, covering seven types of compound sentences and eight types of complex sentences, as well as connective words with a focus on conjunctions. The final part of the volume analyses the characteristics of Singapore Mandarin grammar compared with Chinese Mandarin, on the level of phrase, lexicon and sentence. From the perspectives of language contact, political and social contexts and bilingualism, it summarises the possible reasons for the differences between the two varieties of Chinese and points out primary challenges and major concerns of the standardisation of Singapore Mandarin.

    With rich and authentic language examples, the book will serve as a must read for learners and teachers of Mandarin Chinese and linguistics scholars interested in global Chinese and especially Singapore Mandarin.

    1. Expressions of Number and Quantity  2. Expressions of Location, Time and Place  3. Composite Sentences  4. Characteristics of Singapore Mandarin Grammar  5. Problems of Singapore Mandarin Standardisation


    Lu Jianming, a professor and doctoral supervisor at Chinese Department of Peking University, China. He has been teaching and researching on modern Chinese studies for more than 60 years and has served as President of the World Chinese Teaching Association and President of the International Chinese Linguistic Society.