1st Edition

Single Mothers In International Context Mothers Or Workers?

Edited By Simon Duncan, Rosalind Edwards Copyright 1997

    Single mothers caring for dependent children are an important and increasing population in industrialized countries. In some, single mothers are seen primarily as mothers and few have paid work; in others, they are regarded as workers and most have paid work; and sometimes they are seen as an uneasy combination of the two with varying proportions taking up paid work.; This edited collection explores these variations, focusing on the interaction between dominant discourses around single motherhood, state policies towards single mothers, the structure of the labour market at national and local levels, and neighbourhood supports and constraints.

    Chapter 1 Introduction: A Contextual Approach to Single Mothers and Paid Work, SimonDuncan, RosalindEdwards; Chapter 2 Single Mothers in the Republic of Ireland: Mothers not Workers, EithneMcLaughlin, PaulaRodgers; Chapter 3 Single Mothers in Britain: Unsupported Workers or Mothers?, SimonDuncan, RosalindEdwards; Chapter 4 Single Mothers in the USA: Unsupported Workers and Mothers, Marthade Acosta; Chapter 5 Single Mothers in Japan: Unsupported Mothers Who Work, ItoPeng; Chapter 6 Single Mothers in Australia: Supporting Mothers to Seek Work, MarilynMcHugh, JaneMillar; Chapter 7 Single Mothers in Germany: Supported Mothers Who Work, MartinaKlett-Davies; Chapter 8 Single Mothers in France: Supported Mothers and Workers, NadineLefaucheur, ClaudeMartin; Chapter 9 Single Mothers in Sweden: Supported Workers Who Mother, UllaBjörnberg; Chapter 10 Afterword, SimonDuncan, RosalindEdwards;


    Simon Duncan, Rosalind Edwards