1st Edition

Single-Session Therapy by Walk-In or Appointment Administrative, Clinical, and Supervisory Aspects of One-at-a-Time Services

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    Single-Session Therapy by Walk-in or Appointment is based on the idea that one session is often all a client will need and choose to attend. The option of a single-session responds to the growing need for greater accessibility and responsiveness of mental-health services.  With considerable data supporting both the demand for and the effectiveness of walk-in and by-appointment single sessions, the field is expanding rapidly. This book includes many clinical examples and cultural nuances, as well as discussions of recent research, training and supervision, and implementation and administrative arrangements. This is an essential title for clinicians, program developers, and policy makers interested in providing the effective, client-responsive, economic option of one-at-a-time single-session therapy on a walk-in or by-appointment basis.   

    About the Contributors

    Section 1: Editors’ Introduction

    1. Single-Session/One-at-a-Time Walk-In Therapy

    Michael F. Hoyt, Monte Bobele, Arnold Slive, Jeff Young, & Moshe Talmon

    Section 2: Administrative

    2. The Three Top Reasons Why Walk-In Single Sessions Make Perfect Sense

    Arnold Slive & Monte Bobele

    3. Single-Session Therapy: The Misunderstood Gift that Keeps On Giving

    Jeff Young

    4. Change in the Winds: The Growth of Walk-In Therapy Clinics in Ontario, Canada

    Karen Young

    5. Twenty-Five Years of Walk-In Single Sessions at the Eastside Family Centre: Clinical and Research Dimensions

    Janet Stewart, Nancy McElheran, Harry Park, Bruce Maclaurin, Cindy Fang, Margaret Oakander, & Alexandra Robinson

    6. The Walk-In Counseling Model: Research and Advocacy

    Leslie Josling & Cheryl-Anne Cait

    7. Development of a Single-Session Family Program at Child and Youth Mental- Health Services, Southern Melbourne

    Rachel Barbara-May, Paul Denborough, & Tess McGrane

    8. Single-Session Therapy in the Majority World: Addressing the Challenge of Service Delivery in Cambodia and the Implications for Other Global Contexts

    John Miller, Jason Platt, & Kevin M. Conroy

    9. Walk-In Counseling Center of Minneapolis/St. Paul: The Magic of Our Model for Clients and Volunteers.

    Mary Weeks & Lori Zook-Stanley

    Section 3: Clinical

    10. The Eternal Now: On Becoming and Being a Single-Session Therapist

    Moshe Talmon

    11. Single-Session Therapy: Stories, Structures, Themes, Cautions, and Prospects

    Michael F. Hoyt

    12. One...Two...Three Ways to Help You Today: Therapeutic Models in a Single-Session Therapy Program

    Monica Barnes, Patricia Carruthers, & Maja Gigovic

    13. Working Within the Client’s Cultural Context in Single-Session Therapy

    Terry Soo-Hoo

    14. Coming In for Tune-Ups: A Family’s Experience of Episodic Long-Term Single-Session Therapy at the Bouverie Centre, Melbourne

    Karen Story

    15. Westside Stories: Walk-In and Single-Session Therapy in San Antonio

    Monte Bobele, Chrystal Fullen, Brittany Houston, Ashlee Martinez, Lacey Moffat, & Jeanette Santos

    16. Single-Session Walk-Ins as a Collaborative Learning Community at the Houston-Galveston Institute

    Susan Levin, Adriana Gil-Wilkerson, & Sylvia Rapini De Yatim

    17. Co-Crafting Take-Home Documents at the Walk-In

    Scot Cooper & "Ariane"

    18. Coincidence Favors the Prepared Mind: Single Sessions with Couples in Sweden

    Martin Söderquist

    19. Terapia Breve Sin Cita: Collaboration with a Marginalized Community in Mexico City

    Irma J. Rodriguez

    20. Reflections on Providing Single-Session Therapy in Post-Disaster Haiti

    Brian Guthrie

    21. Some Ways to End an SST

    Michael F. Hoyt & Robert Rosenbaum

    Section 4: Supervisory

    22. The First Time: Teaching Skills that Prepare Interns and New Therapists for Walk-In Counseling

    Joanna Bedggood

    23. Supervision and the Single-Session Therapist: Learnings from Ten Years of Practice

    Sandy Harper-Jaques

    24. Capturing the Moment in Supervision

    Pam Rycroft

    Section 5: Editors’ Conclusion

    25. Walk-In and By-Appointment Single Sessions Now and in the Future

    Michael F. Hoyt, Monte Bobele, Arnold Slive, Jeff Young, & Moshe Talmon


    Michael F. Hoyt, Ph.D., is a psychologist based in Mill Valley, California. One of the originators (with Moshe Talmon and Robert Rosenbaum) of the Single Session Therapy approach, he is the author of Brief Therapy and Beyond and numerous other publications.

    Monte Bobele, Ph.D., is professor emeritus at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. He coedited (with A. Slive) When One Hour is All You Have: Effective Therapy for Walk-In Clients.

    Arnold Slive, Ph.D., is an adjunct professor at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. He coedited (with M. Bobele) When One Hour is All You Have: Effective Therapy for Walk-In Clients.

    Jeff Young, Ph.D., is the director at the Bouverie Centre at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, where he and his team have trained thousands of professionals in the use of single-session therapy and helped many agencies implement SST services.

    Moshe Talmon, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist based in Israel. He is a lecturer at Tel Aviv University. One of the originators (with Hoyt and Rosenbaum) of the SST approach, he is the author of Single Session Therapy: Maximizing the Effect of the First (and Often Only) Therapeutic Encounter.


    "What a great book! From Melbourne to Minnesota, from Calgary to Cambodia, from Sweden to San Antonio, this volume expands our knowledge and skills about Single-Session Therapy — the body of research that now supports it, the case reports that illustrate its many forms, and the training needed to practice in this way." 

    -Susan H. McDaniel, Ph.D., ABPP, Dr. Laurie Sands Distinguished Professor; Director, Institute for the Family in Psychiatry; Vice Chair of Family Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine; coauthor of Medical Family Therapy and Integrated Care

    "This informative and engaging book features detailed accounts of single-session therapy and highlights ways to implement walk-in clinics in a culturally sensitive fashion. Kudos to these pioneers for providing innovative ways to offer mental-health services."

    -Donald H. Meichenbaum, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; and Research Director of the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment, Miami, Florida; author of Roadmap to Resilience and The Evolution of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    "If you've believed that clients who attend only one session are treatment failures, think again! There is growing evidence that one session may be all many people need to help them harness their inner resources and resilience. This landmark book is eye-opening, humbling and more than anything else, a must-read for clinicians and administrators alike."

    -Michele Weiner-Davis, M.S.W., author of Divorce Busting, The Sex-Starved Marriage, Healing from Infidelity 

    "It is propitious to have readily available single-session therapy for those who often desperately seek the relief that psychiatry and psychotropic medications have not and are not able to provide. This book illustrates incisive and immediate interventions for such patients."

    -Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D., former President, American Psychological Association; President, Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health; author of The Collected Papers of Nicholas A. Cummings and Understanding the Behavioral Healthcare Crisis

    "Single Session Therapy by Walk-In or Appointment opens our eyes to the power of the single session as a service delivery model that crosses theoretical orientations, cultures, and contexts. This collection offers an outstanding guide for practice."

    -Shelley Green, Ph.D., Professor of Family Therapy, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; co-editor, Quickies: The Handbook of Brief Sex Therapy

    "All the most important authors, the most recent results, and the most important applications are in Single-Session Therapy by Walk-In or Appointment. It is the best resource for anyone who wants to know how to help people in each single -- and often unique -- session."

    -Dr. Flavio Cannistrá, Director of the Italian Institute for Single-Session Therapy, Rome; and co-editor of Single-Session Therapy: Principles and Practice