1st Edition

Single Session Thinking and Practice in Global, Cultural, and Familial Contexts Expanding Applications

Edited By Michael F. Hoyt, Jeff Young, Pam Rycroft Copyright 2021
    382 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    382 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Single Session Thinking and Practice teaches readers how to implement single session approaches by encouraging practitioners and clients to collaborate in making the most of every encounter. Single session/one-at-a-time approaches are applicable in a multitude of settings, including clinics, private offices, medical centers, and student counseling services – and can be used both in person and online.

    Leading international figures and those practicing on the front lines provide guidance for conducting SST in a variety of contexts. Chapters feature descriptions of theoretical underpinnings, pragmatic clinical examples, cross-cultural applications, research findings, service delivery models, and implementation tips.

    This text will be an instant and essential reference for anyone in the fields of brief therapy, casework, and healthcare, as well as walk-in and by-appointment single session services.

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    Foreword by Moshe Talmon

    SECTION 1: Editors’ Introduction

    1. Single Session Thinking and Practice Going Global ... Michael F. Hoyt, Jeff Young & Pam Rycroft

    SECTION 2: Orientations: Single Session Thinking

    2. The Hope and Joy of Single-Session Thinking and Practice ... Michael F. Hoyt

    3. Translating Single Session Thinking into Practice ... Pam Rycroft & Jeff Young

    4. An Open Invitation to Walk-In Therapy: Opening Access to Mental Health Care ... Monte Bobele & Arnold Slive

    5. Single Session Family Consultation ... Brendan O’Hanlon & Naomi Rottem

    6. The Vital Role of the Therapist’s Mindset ... Flavio Cannistrá

    7. Gradually and Suddenly: What Zen Teaches Us about Change in SST ... Robert Rosenbaum

    SECTION 3: Implementation: Single Session Practice

    8. Implementing Single Session Thinking in Public Mental Health Settings in Queensland: Part 1 — Introducing Single Session Family Consultations into Adult Inpatient and Community Care ... Catherine Renkin, Karen Alexander, & Marianne Wyder

    9. Implementing Single Session Thinking in a Public Mental Health Settings in Queensland: Part II — Adapting and Integrating Single Session Therapy into an Acute Care Setting ... Jillian McDonald, Paul Hickey, & Marianne Wyder

    10. One-Off Sessions to Address a Waitlist: A Pilot Study... Henry von Doussa, Kelly Tsorlinis, Kate Cordukes, Julie Beauchamp, & Jennifer E. McIntosh

    11. The Story of the Eastside Family Centre: 30 Years of Walk-In Single Session Therapy ... Nancy McElheran

    12. Embedding Single Session Family Consultation in a National Youth Mental-Health Service: Headspace ... Suzanne Fuzzard

    SECTION 4: Single Session Thinking and Practice in Different Clinical Contexts

    13. Introducing Single Session Therapy at a University Counseling Center ... Alexandra M. Robinson, Grace Harvey, Molly McDonald, and Turi Honegger


    14. Sign Up, Meet Up, Speak Out: Single Sessions in the Context of Meet-Up Groups ... Windy Dryden

    15. Making the Leap with Couples in Sweden: One-at-a-Time Mindset in Action ... Martin Söderquist, Malena Cronholm-Nouicer, Lars Dannerup, and Karin Wulff

    16. Complex and Challenging Issues in SST: Reflections on the Past and Learnings for the Future ... Patricia A. Boyhan

    17. Strengthening Family Resilience Using a Single Session Mindset: Supporting Families Following a Child’s Diagnosis of Autism... Aspacia Stacey Rabba

    18. Single Session Approaches with Infants: A Collaborative Single Session Model ...Rosalie Birkin

    19. Single Session Therapy for People with a New HIV Diagnosis: Achieving a Positive Result ... Kieran O’Loughlin

    SECTION 5: Applications in Cross-Cultural/Non-Western Contexts

    20. Following the River’s Flow: A Conversation about Single Session Approaches with Aboriginal Families ... Alison Elliott, James Dokona, & Henry von Doussa

    21. Hope in Remote Places: Single Session Therapy in Indigenous Communities in Canada ... Sophia Sorensen

    22. Single Session Family Consultation Implementation in Aotearoa New Zealand: Cultural Considerations ... Bronwyn Dunnachie, Karin Isherwood, & Stacey Porter

    23. Single Session Team Family Therapy (SSTFT) in China: A 7-Step Protocol for Adapting Western Models in Eastern Contexts ... John K. Miller, Xing Dai, Yaorui Hu, & Yilin Xu

    24. Single Session Ericksonian Strategic Hypnotherapy for Disasters in Mexico... Rafael Nùñez & Jorge Abia

    SECTION 6: Single Session Thinking and Practice with Families

    25. Families at First Sight: Practice Innovations Towards Making Family SST More Friendly and Effective... Tess McGrane & Ron Findlay

    26. Embedding the "Family Oriented Collaboration Utilising Strengths" (FOCUS) Clinic in a Child and Youth Mental Health Service and University Partnership... Helen Mildred, Lia Hunter, Belinda Goldsworthy, & Peter Brann

    27. Integrating a Single Session Family Therapy Approach in Two Child and Youth Mental Health Services ... Myf Murphy & Denise Fry

    28. Single Session Therapy with Those Affected by Gambling: Listening to Clients and Their Therapeutic Counselors ... Bonita Cohen, Gretta Daley, & Vicky Northe

    29. Single Session Family Consultation with Adults Affected by Eating Disorders ... Carmel Fleming

    30. Collaborative First Meetings with Young People Who Have Eating Disorders and Their Families ... Rachel Barbara-May

    SECTION 7: Editors’ Conclusion

    31. Single Session Thinking and Practice: Themes, Lessons, and a Look Toward the Future ... Michael F. Hoyt, Jeff Young, & Pam Rycroft



    Michael F. Hoyt, PhD, is a psychologist based in Mill Valley, California. He was one of the originators (with Moshe Talmon and Robert Rosenbaum) of the Single Session Therapy approach and is the author/editor of numerous publications, including Brief Therapy and Beyond.

    Jeff Young, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, director of The Bouverie Centre and professor of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He is a coeditor of Single-Session Therapy by Walk-In or Appointment (with M.F. Hoyt, M. Bobele, A. Slive, & M. Talmon).

    Pam Rycroft, MPsych, is a psychologist and family therapist at The Bouverie Centre in Melbourne, Australia. She has published numerous papers in the field of Single Session Therapy and was actively involved in planning the first and third international symposia on SST and walk-in services.

     "For a multicultural, life-span effective therapeutic approach applied across a variety of disorders, you need to read immediately this book on the innovative application of Single Session Therapy. This practical book will cause you to think creatively about your clinical activities."

    Donald Meichenbaum, PhD, research director of the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention, Miami; and author of The Evolution of Cognitive Behavior Therapy        

    "The editors and authors have provided a fascinating and inspiring journey of applications for single session thinking and practice. Contributors from across the world remind us that SST is real therapy. Its presence is important as a choice in the landscape of service delivery everywhere."

    Karen Young, MSW, RSW, director, Windz Centre, Oakville, Ontario, Canada; international single-session and walk-in therapy workshop trainer and author of numerous articles and book chapters on brief narrative therapy

    "The expanding field of single session thinking and practice is one of the most exciting developments in the world of therapy and counseling today. This excellent volume makes a great contribution. The range of contexts and issues covered is extremely wide and there will be something for everyone, regardless of their chosen modality, to take away into their day-to-day practice. Highly recommended!"

    Harvey Ratner, BA, cofounder of BRIEF, London, UK; coauthor of Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques