1st Edition

Sino-Pakistani Relations Politics, Military and Regional Dynamics

By Filippo Boni Copyright 2020
    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book analyses the relationship between Pakistan and China in the post 9/11 period against the backdrop of Pakistan’s domestic politics and proposes that the major source of continuity in the ties between the two countries is represented by the military.

    The evolution and continuity of Sino-Pakistani relations are explored through three timely case studies: the port of Gwadar, where Chinese investment well pre-dates the advent of the Belt and Road Initiative; the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the "flagship project" of China’s global ambitions; and how the relationship between China and Pakistan has played out in Afghanistan. The book assesses the extent of military influence in Pakistan’s relations with China throughout the last 20 years in several key decision-making areas, ranging from internal security to elite recruitment. By looking at the extent of military prerogatives in Pakistan’s domestic politics, the book reveals how the major source of continuity in the ties between the two countries was represented by the role that the military has played overtime. While since the announcement of the BRI elected representative have gained some leverage in decision-making, the military has invariably been the main port of call even under a civilian dispensation.

    A novel approach to the study of Sino-Pakistani relations, this book will be of interest to academics working on South Asian Politics, Chinese Politics and International Relations, Sino-Pakistani relations, civil-military ties, and China’s role in Asia including the One Belt, One Road initiative.

    1 Introduction; 2 Analytical framework: civil-military relations and the extent of military influence in politics; 3 The origins and evolution of Pakistan’s relations with China: 1950-2001; 4 Pakistan’s gateway to the Indian Ocean: the origins and evolution of the Port of Gwadar; 5 The BRI’s "Flagship Project": politico-military dynamics of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor; 6 Brothers in Arms: Sino-Pakistani relations in Afghanistan; 7 Conclusions



    Filippo Boni is a Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at The Open University, UK.

    "The work is thoroughly researched, combines empirical data with theory, is well documented and is up-to-date. The field work and interviews help fill many gaps left in earlier studies. The author’s novel approach to study the role of the Pakistani military in relations with China makes it a worthwhile read. The book is a valuable addition to growing scholarship on Sino-Pakistan relations and is recommended for both general readers and specialists on South Asian and Asian studies."

    Ghulam Ali, Journal of Chinese Political Science


    "Where Boni's work truly stands out above the rest is his use of an analytical framework within which he measures Pakistan's civil-military influence in policymaking with regard to China".  

    Eram Ashraf for Pakistan Horizon