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    by CRC Press

    Sintering of Ceramics provides the only comprehensive treatment of the theories and principles of sintering and their application to the production of advanced ceramics with the required target microstructure. Stemming from the author’s bestselling text, Ceramic Processing and Sintering, this book includes additional material selected from many sources, providing a single comprehensive volume of all aspects of sintering theory and practice. While the emphasis is on the sintering of ceramics, the book is also useful for the sintering of metals and other materials because of the comprehensive treatment.

    Starting with a review of sintering fundamentals such as diffusion and defect chemistry, the book continues with a detailed treatment of solid-state sintering, viscous sintering of amorphous materials, grain growth and microstructural evolution in solid-state materials, and liquid-phase sintering. Special topics include sintering difficulties such as constrained sintering of composites, adherent thin films, and multilayers; solid solution additives and their role in microstructure control, morphological stability of continuous phases and thin films; and sintering with concurrent reaction or crystallization. The treatment concludes with coverage of practical methods for improving sintering techniques, the effects of process variables on sintering behavior, and applications of sintering to the development of advanced ceramics.

    Sintering of Ceramics provides an up-to-date text for a senior undergraduate, introductory graduate, or continuing education course in sintering, as well as an ideal reference text for scientists and engineers involved in the research, development, and manufacture of ceramics or powder metallurgy products.

    Sintering of Ceramics: Fundamentals
    The Sintering Process
    Driving Force for Sintering
    Defects in Crystalline Solids
    Diffusion in Crystalline Solids
    The Chemical Potential
    Diffusional Flux Equations
    Diffusion in Ionic Crystals: Ambipolar Diffusion
    Solid-State and Viscous Sintering
    Mechanisms of Sintering
    Effects of Grain Boundaries
    Theoretical Analysis of Sintering
    Herring’s Scaling Law
    Analytical Models
    Numerical Simulation of Sintering
    Phenomenological Sintering Equations
    Sintering Diagrams
    Sintering with an Externally Applied Pressure
    Stress Intensification Factor and Sintering Stress
    Alternative Derivation of the Sintering Equations
    Grain Growth and Microstructure Control
    General Features of Grain Growth
    Ostwald Ripening
    Topological and Interfacial Tension Requirements
    Normal Grain Growth in Dense Solids
    Abnormal Grain Growth in Dense Solids
    Grain Growth in Thin Films
    Mechanisms Controlling the Boundary Mobility
    Grain Growth and Pore Evolution in Porous Solids
    Simultaneous Densification and Grain Growth
    Fabrication Principles for Ceramics with Controlled Microstructure
    Liquid-Phase Sintering
    Elementary Features of Liquid-Phase Sintering
    Stages of Liquid-Phase Sintering
    Grain Boundary Films
    The Basic Mechanisms of Liquid-Phase Sintering
    Numerical Modeling of Liquid-Phase Sintering
    Hot Pressing with a Liquid Phase
    Use of Phase Diagrams in Liquid-Phase Sintering
    Activated Sintering
    Special Topics in Sintering
    Inhomogeneities and their Effects on Sintering
    Constrained Sintering I: Rigid Inclusions
    Constrained Sintering II: Adherent Thin Films
    Constrained Sintering III: Multilayers
    Constitutive Models for Porous Sintering Materials
    Morphological Stability of Continuous Phases
    Solid Solution Additives and the Sintering of Ceramics
    Sintering with Chemical Reaction: Reaction Sintering
    Viscous Sintering with Crystallization
    Sintering Process Variables and Sintering Practice
    Sintering Measurement Techniques
    Conventional Sintering
    Microwave Sintering
    Pressure-Assisted Sintering
    Appendix A
    Physical Constants
    Appendix B
    SI Units – Names and Symbols
    Appendix C
    Conversion of Units
    Appendix D
    Ionic Crystal Radii (in units of 10–10m)
    Appendix E
    Density and Melting Point of Some Elements and Ceramics


    Mohamed N. Rahaman

    "This is very well-organized, very well-illustrated and accessible."

    – In Book News, December 2007